Contributor Street Signs #4: Allow Us to Eat You- S.Africa

a sign on a pole

I was happy to receive an e-mail from travel blogger Elena. She wanted to share a photo of a sign which she found to be very funny since she had just came back from a safariHaving been on quite a few safaris (spread out over two trips to Africa), I could definitely see the humor in her sign.

Elena blogs about ways to earn miles and her travels around the U.S. at Giddy For Points which is part of the new travel blog aggregate site First2Board.

After receiving the sign photo from Elena, I sent her some questions.

Here they are:

MW: What country & city was the sign seen in?
Elena: I spotted the sign near Nelson Mandela Square in Johannesburg, South Africa.

MW: When did you spot it?
Elena: We were on the way to dinner, looking for a place to eat. 

MW: Where was it?
Elena: The sign was at the entrance to a restaurant.

MW: What was your reaction when you saw the sign?
Elena: When we saw the sign we started giggling which caught the attention of the wait- staff. They tried to cover up the sign but I snapped a pic before they did.

MW: Is there anything else of importance that you would like to add?
Elena: This was my first time out of the county. I was visiting a friend in South Africa that was in the peace corp at the time.

a sign with text on it

Upon further inspection of Elena’s photo, Kim noticed that the “S” was missing. Apparently this restaurant wasn’t looking to eat you, they were really asking to be allowed to seat you.

Look at the difference one letter could make!

Thanks Elena for reaching out and sending in this ridiculous sign!

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