Ridiculous Street Signs #32: Attention Beware Thieves and Pickpockets- Sarajevo

Ridiculous Street SignsSince starting my site back in 2011, I’ve shared many Ridiculous Street Signs. While not all of the signs are literally ridiculous, they’re (hopefully) funny, interesting and/ or bizarre.

During our month-long trip around the Balkans (Summer 2021), I came across an interesting sign in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.a street with buildings and a signWhen I spotted the sign, I had to stop for a closer look.

The sign had an important message,  Attention & Beware– thieves and pickpockets! The message itself wasn’t very funny but I did enjoy the bizarre graphic.

Here’s a closer look:a sign with text on itBesides the text, the sign features a big red triangle, similar to what you might see on a Yield sign. Should I give thieves and pickpockets the right of way?

Inside the triangle is a cell phone suspended in air, a hand holding a bag, a set of keys and another hand appearing to drop an indistinguishable object.

I’d expect to see an image of money or maybe a dollar or Euro symbol. Are thieves and pickpockets really going after cellphones and random sets of keys? And if you have any ideas what the hand is dropping into the bag, please let me know…

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