Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #3- No Holding Hands- Vienna

a sign on a pole next to a body of water

I recently shared one of my Ridiculous Street Signs posts on travel and frequent flyer site/ community Milepoint. Another member responded to my post by sharing one of his sign photos. I reached out to member M7VO aka Edward M. and asked if he would like to contribute his photo to my collection. 

Edward M. was happy to send me his photo and answer a few questions about the time when he spotted it.

a blue and red sign with a red stripe

Here is a little about the photo:

MLW: What country and city was it spotted in?
Edward M: Vienna, Austria- District 22: Donaustadt, coordinates (48.2248, 16.4362)

MLW: When did you spot it?
Edward M: I spotted the sign in October 2012 when I went for a hike along the scenic banks of the Danube River.

MLW: What was your reaction when you saw the sign?
Edward M: At first I was puzzled for a moment, then figured it must be a directive for parents not to bring young children into the protected area. Later in my hike, I saw some unusual- looking birds living and nesting in the area. I realized that the sign was a great idea. The rare birds wouldn’t have adapted to the noise and commotion, if kids and pets were allowed into the habitat. 
Just FYI- Vienna is a very kid- friendly city with well equipped playgrounds scattered throughout.

I want to thank Edward M. for sharing his Ridiculous Street Sign photo and letting us know a little about it! 

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3 thoughts on “Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #3- No Holding Hands- Vienna

    1. Actually it is:
      This sign marks the end of an area for pedestrians. No vehicles are allowed in that area, except wheelchairs, children with bicycles, etc.

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