Happy Birthday Theo, 5 Years Old- 40 Countries Visited!

Happy BirthdayOn the last full day of our month-long trip around the Balkans, we wished Theo a very Happy Birthday!

Theo got to celebrate his 5th birthday in Croatia! And while he didn’t get as cool of a party as he did when he turned 2 in India (thanks Hyatt!), we did get to celebrate.

We took the party to our apartment rental close to Dubrovnik Airport. The cake options were limited but we did manage to find the tasty cake (pictured above) at a small supermarket!

While 2020 wasn’t a good year for travel (thanks COVID), we still managed to go on lots of fun road trips in the US.

2021 turned out much better although we wait until the end of the school year to step onto a plane.

Due to COVID, Theo didn’t fly until our trip to El Salvador at the end of June 2021. It was almost two years since his last flight. Regardless of the delay, he flew like a seasoned veteran!

This year, we flew to international destinations for two trips so far. We took that early summer trip to El Salvador and a month-long trip around the Balkans, visiting five countries.

At five years old, Theo has now visited 40 countries! (This does not include various disputed territories he’s also visited.)

So, where has Theo been? (Listed in the order/ age when visited)

Countries Visited:

  1. USA (obvious)
  2. Costa Rica- 4 months old
  3. Ireland- 5.5 months old
  4. Northern Ireland (UK) 5.5 months old
  5. Canada- 6 months old
  6. South Korea- 7 months old
  7. Saint Lucia- 8.75 months old
  8. Tonga- 11 months old
  9. Fiji- 11 months old
  10. Solomon Islands- 11 months old
  11. Samoa- 11 months old
  12. Vanuatu- 11 months old- turned 1 during trip
  13. Greece-  18 months old
  14. Cyprus- 18 months old
  15. Portugal- 19 months old
  16. St Kitts & Nevis- 21 month old
  17. Belarus- 23 months old
  18. Ukraine- 23 months old
  19. Moldova- 23 months old
  20. Azerbaijan- 23 months old
  21. Georgia- 23 months old
  22. Armenia- 23 months old
  23.  France- 2.4 years old
  24. Monaco- 2.4 years old
  25. Spain- 2.6 years old
  26. Andorra- 2.6 years old
  27. Argentina- 2.8 years old
  28. Uruguay- 2.8 years old
  29. Iceland- 2.10 years old
  30. The Maldives- 2.11 years old
  31. Sri Lanka- 2.11 years old
  32. Nepal- 2.11 years old
  33. Bangladesh- 2.11 years old
  34. India- 2.11 years old
  35. El Salvador- 4.10 years old
  36. Croatia- 4.11 years old
  37. Montenegro- 4.11 years old
  38. Bosnia and Herzegovina- 4.11 years old
  39. Slovenia- 4.11 years old
  40. Italy- 4.11 years old

States/ US Territories: Listed in order visited. (* = did not fly)

    • New York*
    • New Jersey*
    • Pennsylvania*
    • Oregon (1st flight at 7 weeks old)
    • D.C.
    • Florida
    • North Carolina
    • California
    • American Samoa
    • Texas
    • Maryland*
    • West Virginia*
    • Virginia*
    • Alabama*
    • New Hampshire*
    • Maine*
a map of the world with orange lines and black dots
Theo’s Flight Map (openflights.org)

Here are some of Theo’s flight stats: Theo flew as a lap baby until he turned two. His flight map is not based on a calendar year since his birthday is at the end of August. His flight stats are up until our summer trip ended.

Theo has flown 102 segments- 179,528 miles. This took 17 days, 1 hour & 19 minutes.a close-up of a chart

Happy Birthday Theo! We’re looking forward to making more travel memories over the years. Mommy, Daddy and Lucas love you very much!

Check out a photo from each of the new countries Theo visited in 2021.

El Salvador:Happy BirthdayCroatiaa boy sitting on the groundMontenegro:a boy standing in front of stone statuesBosnia and Herzegovina:a boy standing on a stoneSlovenia:a group of people posing for a pictureItaly:

a boy standing on bricks next to a signTil next year!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Theo, 5 Years Old- 40 Countries Visited!

  1. Hi mike
    How do you manage to do all this traveling to all these foreign countries? I am in the miles and points game and cannot accrue anywhere near the amount of miles needed for these trips not to mention the cost of lodging, if you could help me try to figure out how to get two more places I would appreciate it

  2. Hi Micheal,

    Happy birthday to Theo 🙂

    I was curious looking at the stats, when does Theo go to school? Or is he being home tutored?

    In India, where I belong, kids typically start kindergarten at the age of 3-4 years. Thus wondering

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