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Plane Fills With Fog Scaring Passengers

travel news
Image: Weibo from Yahoo

If a plane I was flying on filled with thick fog, I think I’d definitely be a bit concerned, and would probably be worrying the worst was going to happen.

Here is a bit of strange travel news for you…

A Shenzen Airlines plane took off from Shenzen Bao’an International Airport in China over the weekend and filled with fog, scaring many of the passengers. Continue reading Plane Fills With Fog Scaring Passengers

Most Ridiculous Landmarks In Each State

united states landmarks
image; Michael W Travels

When visiting a new place, I often seek out quirky and off the beaten path attractions. The stranger and more bizarre the better!

As an example, here are a couple that I’ve written about. Have you heard about The Shit Fountain in Chicago? Close to Atlantic City, NJ did you know there was a six-story tusker that you could go inside? That would be Lucy the Elephant. Continue reading Most Ridiculous Landmarks In Each State

The Most Amazing Plane Ever?

boeing 747-8
Master Bedroom

Last week we looked at some of the Private Jets of the Rich and Famous. One plane on this list pretty much blew the others away.

There was mention of a Saudi prince owning his own Airbus A380 which cost a whopping $487 million. The prince’s custom seat looks like a thrown in the middle of the plane.

Imagine someone getting a personal plane possibly even better than the Saudi prince. Continue reading The Most Amazing Plane Ever?

Should You Travel With Your Kids?

family travel
Azure Window- Gozo, Malta

I came across an article from Yahoo Travel about a somewhat touchy topic and one that many have their own opinions about… Kids- Family Travel.

The article I am mentioning is more so a bunch of comments (from their readers about a previous post) both pro and con whether or not you should take your kids on vacation and includes a poll.

I think most of you would know where I stand on this topic. Continue reading Should You Travel With Your Kids?

Should Parents Fly Biz Class & Have Kids Sit In Coach?

Flying with kids
photo: Jennifer Howze from Yahoo Travel article

Is it right for parents to fly upfront in premium cabins while their kids fly in coach?

My gut instinct would be to quickly say no, never. However, I think each case needs to be looked into a bit more closely. Continue reading Should Parents Fly Biz Class & Have Kids Sit In Coach?

12 Things Flight Attendants Can’t Do For You

Flight Attendant Duties
image: Fox News

Yahoo Travel has been posting some great content recently. Now they’ve come up with another really fun and interesting article.

Flight attendants are the ones at the front lines so to speak, representing the airline while we’re in the air. The way they act and things they do can really impact us, the flyer’s inflight experience.  Continue reading 12 Things Flight Attendants Can’t Do For You

Doctor Fined $90,000 For Bomb Joke At Airport

Airport Bomb Threat
image: Miami International Airport

A word to the wise- it’s best not to crack jokes at the airport, especially when it comes to bombs. But all of you know this already. Too bad this doctor didn’t…

A doctor at Miami International Airport (MIA) made a joke about carrying C-4 explosives which then caused an evacuation and the bomb squad to show up. Continue reading Doctor Fined $90,000 For Bomb Joke At Airport

Hotel Travel Hacks

a gym with exercise equipment
Fitness Center @ Country Inn & Suites Tulsa Central

I love coming across different kinds of “hacks”. Whether they be useful in everyday life or to help with my travel obsession, it’s always great to learn a new trick or two.

I came across an article (with a video) from Yahoo Travel which shares a few hotel travel hacks. Only one of these tips was new to me while the other two I wouldn’t typically think of as a hack. Continue reading Hotel Travel Hacks

Are These The Best Burgers In America?

A Burger Worth Waiting For: Holeman & Finch, Atlanta
Double Cheeseburger- Holeman and Finch

Burgers rank high on my list of favorite foods coming in just behind pizza. (Maybe even a tie.) While at home and when traveling (mainly domestic), I try to find the best burgers to chow down on.

The thing that I find so great about burgers is how they can be prepared so many different ways. The types of meat, bun, cheese and other toppinsg can make for an infinite amount of combinations!

Another fun thing about burgers are how they also come in a wide range of regional varieties. For example-  Minnesota has the Juicy Lucy’s which are stuffed with cheese while Milwaukee has butter burgers (use your imagination). I loved Minnesota’s regionally unique burger but found Milwaukee’s to not be my thing. Continue reading Are These The Best Burgers In America?

Restaurants With Long Lines Worth Waiting For

a car parked at a gas station
Line out the door at Oklahoma Joe’s

Just how long would you wait in line for a meal? Generally speaking, I’d assume that we all hate waiting. When we get to a restaurant we want to be sat instantly and have our food be brought out promptly.

However, some places are just so popular that you know there is going to be a wait. But are you willing to stand in those long lines to get some (hopefully) delicious grub? Continue reading Restaurants With Long Lines Worth Waiting For