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Most Unusual US Landmarks

US Landmarks
Grand Canyon Skywalk

After coming across USA Today’s list of America’s Quirkiest Attractions, I felt it would be fun to mention a few of my picks.

Soon after, I saw a slideshow from Fodor’s about a related topic. Fodor’s writes about the 10 Most Unusual US Landmarks which I was definitely curious to check out!

Let’s see what kind of landmarks made the cut. Continue reading Most Unusual US Landmarks

Most Ridiculous Landmarks In Each State

united states landmarks
image; Michael W Travels

When visiting a new place, I often seek out quirky and off the beaten path attractions. The stranger and more bizarre the better!

As an example, here are a couple that I’ve written about. Have you heard about The Shit Fountain in Chicago? Close to Atlantic City, NJ did you know there was a six-story tusker that you could go inside? That would be Lucy the Elephant. Continue reading Most Ridiculous Landmarks In Each State