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Traveling With An Infant? 10 Products You Need!

Family Travel
Singapore Airlines- August 2012

Traveling with a baby or young child for the first or 100th time requires extra time overall. From packing, to getting ready, and actually getting to the airport all take a little more time and effort than traveling sans kids.

One area that needs to be addressed when traveling with that third (or fourth) wheel, I mean cute little one is what baby-specific gear you now need to bring on your adventures. At the beginning, you’re going to most likely over-do it but odds are that you won’t need most of that extra bulk! Continue reading Traveling With An Infant? 10 Products You Need!

Should You Travel With Your Kids?

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Azure Window- Gozo, Malta

I came across an article from Yahoo Travel about a somewhat touchy topic and one that many have their own opinions about… Kids- Family Travel.

The article I am mentioning is more so a bunch of comments (from their readers about a previous post) both pro and con whether or not you should take your kids on vacation and includes a poll.

I think most of you would know where I stand on this topic. Continue reading Should You Travel With Your Kids?