Plane Fills With Fog Scaring Passengers

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Image: Weibo from Yahoo

If a plane I was flying on filled with thick fog, I think I’d definitely be a bit concerned, and would probably be worrying the worst was going to happen.

Here is a bit of strange travel news for you…

A Shenzen Airlines plane took off from Shenzen Bao’an International Airport in China over the weekend and filled with fog, scaring many of the passengers.

The thick fog caused many of the passengers to assume the plane was on fire.

Yahoo Travel says that passengers “were assured by the crew that the conditions were actually caused by high humidity outside the plane interacting with the inflight air-conditioning system“.

Photos were posted of the scene onboard to social media site Weibo which have now gone viral.

The onboard fog went away in a half hour and there were no reports of injuries due to it.

Check out more details and photos from Yahoo Travel here.

2 thoughts on “Plane Fills With Fog Scaring Passengers

  1. Paul – I’ve seen what you are referring to a few times. Can’t agree with your comment. I think a plan inflight filling with fog, which does look like smoke would be cause for concern.

    FYI- I edited your comment and replaced your strong wording…

  2. This is common in hot humid climates. I’ve been on planes almost as bad, but it was never in the air, just on the apron with the doors open.

    Only @$#% would think it was smoke from a fire.

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