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Most Visited Cities In The World

a globe with buildings around it

Ever wonder what the most visited cities in the world are?

MasterCard has come out with its 2014 Global Destination Cities Index. This lengthy report shares a variety of information related to the 20 most visited cities based on International Overnight Visitors.

According to the Mastercard index, the amount of visitors a city receives impacts it greatly in terms of “business, social and cultural perspectives”. The spending made by visitors is very important in regards to “hospitality, retail, transport, sports and cultural industries among many others”. Continue reading Most Visited Cities In The World

America’s Wackiest Theme Parks

a group of people on a ride
Image from Yahoo Travel, credit: Diggerland

I’ve never been much of a fan of theme parks. For most, the biggest attraction at these parks are rides like rollercoasters. Unfortuantely they make me sick, so for me theme parks spell a recipe for disaster!

Even the idea of going on kiddie rides (like the spinning tea cups) makes me cringe, so why would I ever head to an amusement park?

There are some parks have more to offer than just the typical, high speed, crazy spinning rides. Continue reading America’s Wackiest Theme Parks

Travel Instead Of Gifts For Father’s Day

a camera and a bike
photo from Yahoo Travel article

With Father’s Day fast approaching it might be a bit late to take the advice of this article from Yahoo Travel but I sure do like the idea that it suggests. Being that I am not really a big gift person, I’d much rather have some sort of travel-related experience than a material gift.

Yahoo Travel created an alternative list of travel related gift suggestions based on the most searched Father’s Day gifts in the article Forget the Tie, Dad Wants Travel! Continue reading Travel Instead Of Gifts For Father’s Day