Should You Travel With Your Kids?

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I came across an article from Yahoo Travel about a somewhat touchy topic and one that many have their own opinions about… Kids- Family Travel.

The article I am mentioning is more so a bunch of comments (from their readers about a previous post) both pro and con whether or not you should take your kids on vacation and includes a poll.

I think most of you would know where I stand on this topic.

Considering Lucas has flown over 140,000 miles and already visited 20 countries at just three years old, I am all for family travel.

Bringing my little guy along on a trip is never a debate. I find it hard traveling without Lucas. This isn’t to say that we’d never leave him home with family, but that isn’t something that we would ever plan to make a habit out of.

When I talk travel with people, one of the first things I hear when it comes to Lucas is “well he won’t remember any of it” or other comments along those lines.

My immediate answer is so what! I don’t feel like I need to explain or justify our travels but we don’t travel for Lucas!

Kim and I have been traveling together for as long as I can remember and it is one of our favorite things to do. When Lucas came along I didn’t see why we would have to give up something we loved doing. Considering Lucas is the most important person in our lives, he has become an extremely important part of our travels and done a great job in making us a traveling family.

Oh and for those of you that say he won’t remember any of it. Well there are tons of photos to show him and if you ask me, traveling has helped make Lucas the friendly, curious, smart, sharp guy that he already has become.

If you love traveling, it doesn’t have to end when you have kids. Your travels might change a bit in terms of some things you can/ can’t do, but overall our trips have been pretty awesome, rewarding and memorable.

Here is Yahoo’s Poll:

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 1.05.36 AM

After casting my vote I was happy to see that many others agreed with how I feel about this topic. I was also actually a bit surprised since I thought there were more people against traveling with kids.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 1.06.58 AM

Click HERE to check out Yahoo’s article with the comments for and against taking kids on vacation. While there, make sure to vote in their poll at the end of the article.

While you’re at it, let us know how you feel about traveling with kids.

4 thoughts on “Should You Travel With Your Kids?

  1. Andrea- Many are just afraid to get out of their comfort zone. We’ve love traveling with Lucas and have a bunch of trips to awesome destinations being planned for this year.

  2. People who think they shouldn’t travel with kids are just afraid of what may happen, without seeing all the wonderful that will happen as well. I grew up traveling, and my kids are as well, and it isn’t always easy but it is always worth it!

  3. Why would you not take your kids from a young age? Travel opens your eyes and expands your mind. I am glad my child knows most of the world does not get to live like her. And there is so much more out there than your own back yard!

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