The Most Amazing Plane Ever?

boeing 747-8
Master Bedroom

Last week we looked at some of the Private Jets of the Rich and Famous. One plane on this list pretty much blew the others away.

There was mention of a Saudi prince owning his own Airbus A380 which cost a whopping $487 million. The prince’s custom seat looks like a thrown in the middle of the plane.

Imagine someone getting a personal plane possibly even better than the Saudi prince.

Yahoo News wonders if “This ‘Flying Mega-Yacht’ May Be The Nicest Plane Ever“.

That headline sure caught my attention and I had to take a look.

A Boeing 747-8 was recently delivered to a private owner. The plane cost around $350 million not including a $250 million interior customization done by Greenpoint Technologies.

$600 million for a plane. Crazy, right? I know that I’m really curious to find out who the mystery buyer is! How many people could actually afford to purchase a plane at that price? My guess is that it’s got to be a pretty short list.

Yahoo took a look at website Luxury Launches to see what this “flying mega-yacht” looked like inside based on some “digital art”.

Here are a few photos of the plane:

boeing 747-8
The Office
boeing 747-8
Lounge Area
boeing 747-8
Conference Room

Based on the pictures of the interior of the plane, one could only imagine how nice it must be to fly in such luxury.

I think most of you would agree that this plane definitely beats flying in Etihad’s The Residence.

Find out more about the plane that Yahoo calls “The Nicest Plane Ever” here.

(All images in post are from the Yahoo article. Images from Greenpoint.)

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