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A Bridge Which Crosses Borders

a man standing on a bridge

Recently we went on a Mid-West Mini Road Trip in which we visited sites in 4 states in about 6 days. (A trip recap should be coming soon.)

While driving through Iowa on the way to Nebraska I was a bit disappointed.

The Welcome to Nebraska sign was on the middle of a busy highway. There would be no pulling over to take some photos which was definitely annoying.

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Jumping By the Georgia State Capitol

a man jumping in the air in front of Georgia State CapitolDuring our visit to Atlanta I was happy to see that the Georgia State Capitol building was located downtown and was easy to get to from some of the other sites.

Over the years I’ve visited quite a few state capitol buildings and definitely wanted to stop by Georgia’s too. I always make sure to get some jumping shots and (if possible), I like to go inside to learn more about the history of the state and the building.

Here are a some of the capitols that I’ve visited:

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Jumping Around the U.S. in 2013

Garden of the Gods- Colorado Springs, CO
Garden of the Gods- Colorado Springs, CO

I recently posted a few year-end recap posts related to our year in things related to travel. 

If you missed these posts, here are the links to them:

While thinking about my recaps, I realized that I missed one. In 2013, we flew for 5 domestic trips. We also took a few road trips during the year. I wanted to share some photos from these trips. Continue reading Jumping Around the U.S. in 2013

Jumping Around the World In 2013

Moscow, Russia

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope that 2014 turns out to be a great one for all. Here’s to hoping for some big credit card offers and great trips to come in the future!

Yesterday I posted a recap of Where We Went in 2013

For my first post of the new year I’ll keep it brief.

I haven’t been posting many jumping photos recently so I figured that a good start to the new year would be a jumping photo compilation including a photo or 2 from each country that we visited in 2013.

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Flashback Friday: Why I Started Jumping In Pictures


As most of you probably know, I was thrilled to join BoardingArea just under a month ago. I might be new to BoardingArea but I am not so new to blogging.

Michael W Travels was started in October 2011.

I am starting a new series called Flashback Friday as a way for you to get to know me a little better through some of my previous posts.

I laugh at some of my older posts when I look through my blog archives. Some of these posts were quite short (my first post & a few others were nothing more than a title and photo) while many others offer lots of information and details. The topics vary and I hope that they will paint a picture of what you should expect to see in the future on my site.

On that note I present you with the first Flashback Friday:

Lucas’ First Jumping Attempt- Long Island City, NY

a man and child jumping on a dock

Lucas trying his first jump but getting no air

At the 2013 JFK Runway Run I was lucky to win one of the raffle prizes. I was hoping (dreaming?) to win a flight somewhere but ended up with tickets to a food event called The Taste of LIC. The event takes place in Long Island City, Queens (in Gantry Plaza State Park) and sounded like it would be a good time.

Our prize came with VIP tickets which included early entry to the event. After walking around and sampling some of the food, we weren’t so impressed. A short while later it got really busy inside of the tent. We decided to go outside to let Lucas run around for a while on the pier close by. Continue reading Lucas’ First Jumping Attempt- Long Island City, NY

Jumping By the Spoonbridge and Cherry- Minneapolis

a man jumping in the air with a spoon and a cherry sculpture with Minneapolis Sculpture Garden in the background

During our visit to Minnesota we stopped by the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. The main reason for our visit was see the Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture. 

The sculpture garden is a decent size public park and was busy but never really felt crowded. We strolled around, checking out many of the sculptures but didn’t really care for what we saw. The only sculpture that we really liked was the Spoonbridge and Cherry.

The Spoonbridge and Cherry definitely draws the largest crowd. It was also the only sculpture that we stopped at that required a wait if you wanted to get a photo in a decent spot.

The sculpture is a bit strange but was really cool to check out. The top of the stem has a barely noticeable sprinkler with water coming out. It was a bit windy out which caused the stem sprinkler to blow a light mist of water onto anyone standing too close.

While admiring the Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture I decided that this would be a fun and great place for a jump. As I did my jumps, a bunch of other visitors were watching and laughing . I then saw some of them trying to get some jumping photos too!

a woman jumping in the air with a cherry and a statue with Minneapolis Sculpture Garden in the background

Kim is a bit more selective than me when it comes to jumping but felt that the Spoonbridge was worthy of a photo. She waited for the copycat jumpers to finish and then took her turn. Kim had great form and I took a couple of fun photos of her jumps!

Lucas was a party-pooper and slept while all of this fun jumping was going on.

Find out about the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden here.

Jumping By the L.L Bean Bootmobile- Central Park, NYC

a car with a shoe on the top
In late June we stopped by the Adventures NYC festival in Central Park to see what the event had to offer. There were lots of booths set up with information and activities mainly related to the outdoors. We also saw some giveaways being held throughout the event. 
While walking around we came across one booth that really caught our eye. The booth had an information tent set up and a really interesting vehicle parked nearby.

a sign with a car and text

The L.L. Bean Bootmobile is a replica of the iconic L.L. Bean boot on wheels. It was built on a Ford F250 and is driven to different appearances all around the country. 

The Bootmobile was definitely eye-catching and it seemed like anyone that walked near the vehicle stopped to check it out. 

I felt like the Bootmobile would be the perfect place for a jump but I had one obstacle. I needed (wanted?) a photo jumping by the boot with no one else in it. After waiting 5-10 minutes we had a short amount of time to give the jump a try.

Check out the result below:

a man jumping in the air with a baby in a stroller

If you have a moment check out more of my jumping photos at the Jumping Pics tab.

Jumping By The Ladybug Buildling- Milwaukee,WI

a man jumping in the air with red balls

While reading up on things to do in Milwaukee, I came across an odd and quirky site that sounded like the perfect place for a jump.
I first heard about the Ladybug Building on Roadside America, a site that’s a “caramel- coated- nutbag full of odd and hilarious travel destinations- over 10,000 in the US and Canada…”
During lunch at Zaffiro’s on Day 1 of our trip we were told by Theresa & Wade of Milwaukee Food Tours that the Ladybug Building wasn’t worth a stop. However, they didn’t know that the purpose of a visit would be a quick visit for some jumping photos.
We discussed more of the things we planned to do with Theresa & Wade during our meal and then parted ways. Our next stop would be the Milwaukee Public Market.

Jumping Fun In Colorado Springs

a man holding a baby jumping on a deck
Lucas loves jumping!
While in Colorado Springs for the Boarding Area Conference our days were very busy and there wasn’t much time to relax or check out the premises of the Cheyenne Mountain Resort, our home for BAcon.
One particular area kept catching my eye each day. There was an outdoor deck with amazing mountain views that I wanted to stop at. I wanted to take my time to enjoy the views and take some photos, but it never seemed to be the right time.
I also figured that it would be a great place for a jump.
When the conference ended, we were planning to do something in the area before heading back to Denver for our flight. We decided to visit an amazing local attraction- Garden of the Gods.