A Bridge Which Crosses Borders

a man standing on a bridge

Recently we went on a Mid-West Mini Road Trip in which we visited sites in 4 states in about 6 days. (A trip recap should be coming soon.)

While driving through Iowa on the way to Nebraska I was a bit disappointed.

The Welcome to Nebraska sign was on the middle of a busy highway. There would be no pulling over to take some photos which was definitely annoying.

a bridge with cables and a river

Once we got to our room (we stayed at a home using airbnb), I started doing some more reading into things to do around Omaha. This led me to the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, one which connects two states- Nebraska and Iowa!

We stopped by the Omaha Convention & Visitor’s Bureau the following morning and asked about the bridge.

After hearing that it made for a nice walk, I had a very important question to ask. I had to find out if there was any signage or marking showing that the bridge was in two states.

I was happy to find out that indeed there was some markings to look for during our walk!

a bridge with a metal railing

We started up the bridge’s gradual incline in search of the border markings.

After a few minutes we first came across a few plaques which shared info about the bridge’s construction in 2008. The bridge links Omaha, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa. (BTW- We had stopped at a very nice museum in Council Bluffs the day before.)

close-up of a bridge sign

Just after the plaques we came to the fun part of the bridge, the line marking where the two states meet.

We spent around 10 minutes here enjoying the views of the Missouri River. While on the bridge others were walking and there were even a few groups of joggers.

At first it seemed that only Kim, Lucas and I were interested in the Nebraska/ Iowa line.

Then two women came by and lingered close by. We decided to ask if they could take a photo for us. After doing so, they asked for us to take a photo for them too. I let Kim do the honors since they were rocking one of the old-school disposable cameras. I didn’t want to be responsible if their photo came out bad…

I decided that the state line made for a great place for a jump. Check out the photo and a couple of others below.

a man jumping in the air

a man with a stroller on a bridge

a man and woman with a child in a strollerThis wasn’t the first time that we’ve made a border visit into an impromptu photo- shoot.

Here are a few others:

Have any of you made a border crossing into an impromptu photo-shoot? If so let us know where and how the photos came out.

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