Jumping By the Georgia State Capitol

a man jumping in the air in front of Georgia State CapitolDuring our visit to Atlanta I was happy to see that the Georgia State Capitol building was located downtown and was easy to get to from some of the other sites.

Over the years I’ve visited quite a few state capitol buildings and definitely wanted to stop by Georgia’s too. I always make sure to get some jumping shots and (if possible), I like to go inside to learn more about the history of the state and the building.

Here are a some of the capitols that I’ve visited:

a building with columns and a flag on topAfter a busy day of siteseeing we walked to the capitol building from the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. Once we arrived I found a good spot to jump and got some laughs from a few people walking by. I think one of them said he would’ve join in if he wasn’t so tired from the hot weather!

a statue on top of a domeWe walked around the capitol building and were a bit surprised by the lack of grounds it was situated on. With all of the capitols that we’ve been to in the past, they’ve all (from what I recall) been located on a  pretty decent sized chunk of land. With the Georgia Capitol, you just walk around the sidewalk of a pretty big block that the building occupies.

a statue of a woman holding a torch in front of Georgia State CapitolAs we walked around, we enjoyed checking out some of the statues including the one above. The Statue of Liberty copy was dedicated by Boy Scouts of America to Georgia.

I didn’t think that the building would be open for a visit since it was a Sunday and  pretty late in the day. However, I saw some signs pointing up to the visitor’s entrance so I thought there might be a shot of getting inside. I figured if the building was closed, the signs would be put away.

I told Kim to wait with Lucas while I checked, walking up a large set of stairs. Sure enough, all of the doors were locked!

The signs out front were some sort of tease! On a positive note, at least I got to take some jumping photos at the Georgia State Capitol.

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  1. Fun GA Capitol fact: the gold leaf on the roof is from Dahlonega, GA, site of the first US gold rush.

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