Jumping Fun In Colorado Springs

a man holding a baby jumping on a deck
Lucas loves jumping!
While in Colorado Springs for the Boarding Area Conference our days were very busy and there wasn’t much time to relax or check out the premises of the Cheyenne Mountain Resort, our home for BAcon.
One particular area kept catching my eye each day. There was an outdoor deck with amazing mountain views that I wanted to stop at. I wanted to take my time to enjoy the views and take some photos, but it never seemed to be the right time.
I also figured that it would be a great place for a jump.
When the conference ended, we were planning to do something in the area before heading back to Denver for our flight. We decided to visit an amazing local attraction- Garden of the Gods.
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photo credit: MJ on Travel & Delta Points
(Update: Rene from Delta Points read this post and was nice enough to send in this aerial shot of Garden of the Gods taken from a Cessna. Rene was a passenger in the back seat while MJ of Marshall Jackson on Travel piloted the plane.)
However, before departing from the Cheyenne Mountain Resort, I had some unfinished business to attend to. Now was my chance to stop by the deck for some photos!

a man and woman holding a child on a balcony
Michael, Lucas & Kim
It was a beautiful day out (and Mother’s Day) and many others families had the same idea as us to head out to the deck to take some photos. It was busy outside so we stopped for under 10 minutes before heading out.
a woman holding a child in her arms
Kim and Lucas jumping
a group of men jumping on a railing
Jumping with Frequent Flyer U

Fellow blogger (and new friend) Parag of Frequent Flyer University was joining us for our drive back to Denver and our visit to Garden of the Gods. He helped us out by taking the photo of Kim, Lucas and I seen above.
I then invited Parag to join me for a jump. He was happy to give it a try and (I think) he had fun while trying his best. Next time I might give him a few pointers and suggest that he bend his legs!
I was supposed to have another guest jumper on the last day of BAcon, Randy Petersen- head honcho of BoardingArea and founder of Flyertalk & Milepoint.
I had first asked Randy at our Saturday night Cowboy Music & BBQ event if he would join me for a jump and he was totally up for it. We were supposed to take the photo the following day. While chatting with Randy when BAcon ended he asked me when we were going to jump! The plan was to jump after everyone said their goodbyes. I had to pack up the car and get Kim & Lucas from the room and then head back to the main building of the resort. I must’ve taken too long and missed Randy or he may have still been in a meeting so the jumping fun never happened.
Next time I see you Randy, you owe me a jump!
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