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Jumping By The Ladybug Buildling- Milwaukee,WI

a man jumping in the air with red balls

While reading up on things to do in Milwaukee, I came across an odd and quirky site that sounded like the perfect place for a jump.
I first heard about the Ladybug Building on Roadside America, a site that’s a “caramel- coated- nutbag full of odd and hilarious travel destinations- over 10,000 in the US and Canada…”
During lunch at Zaffiro’s on Day 1 of our trip we were told by Theresa & Wade of Milwaukee Food Tours that the Ladybug Building wasn’t worth a stop. However, they didn’t know that the purpose of a visit would be a quick visit for some jumping photos.
We discussed more of the things we planned to do with Theresa & Wade during our meal and then parted ways. Our next stop would be the Milwaukee Public Market.

Jeffrey Dahmer Tour- Milwaukee

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Jeffrey Dahmer Mug Shot

This has to be one of the weirder tours that I’ve heard about in a while and I have to say that I’d be totally interested in it…

I’m a big fan of the movie Silence of the Lambs and the show Criminal Minds. Both focus on serial killers which have always been an interesting topic to me.

BAM Marketing and Media is offering a walking tour of Jeffrey Dahmer sites in Milwaukee.

Jeffrey Dahmer is a famous serial killer who murdered 17 men & boys in the late 1970’s until he was caught in 1991. He was beaten to death in prison in 1994. Read about his sick crimes if you are interested by clicking on the link above.

The tour which has caused outrage in Milwaukee was recently offered on Groupon which brought it additional attention.  

Read more about the story from MSNBC click here.

To find out more about the tour & bookings go to Dahmer Tours