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Jumping By The Most Awesome UNESCO World Heritage Sites Marker

a stone sign with a mountain in the background

Whenever I travel to new places I check to see if any UNESCO World Heritage Sites are nearby.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be really interesting while others can be pretty boring. Overall, I’ve been to 112 sites to date and most were worthy of a visit.

Most UNESCO World Heritage Sites are commemorated with some sort of marker or plaque, listing various info about the site. During a trip to Poland with Lucas, the Wieliczka Salt Mine really impressed. After seeing amazing salt carvings deep in the mine, we came across this awesome UNESCO marker while exiting. Continue reading Jumping By The Most Awesome UNESCO World Heritage Sites Marker

Jumping At Munich’s Oktoberfest

a man jumping in the air

Last year I finally got to experience Oktoberfest, an event that I’ve been wanting to attend for quite some time. (Check out my trip planning post here.)

We had an amazing time, spending around 4 days visiting and drinking in the massive beer tents. Our visit to Oktoberfest was a very interesting one, especially since we experienced it with Lucas (he was around 1.5 at the time).  Continue reading Jumping At Munich’s Oktoberfest

Border Jumping: Kansas & Missouri

$348.65 + 71,906 Points= Trip For 3: Air, Hotel & Car Rental

For one reason or another I’ve long enjoyed stopping for a photo at border crossings, especially those with some sort of sign or marker.

The first time I could think of doing this was when we walked across the border from South Africa to Namibia. I also had some fun jumping by the border of Kosovo and Albania during our trip last summer to the Balkans.

During our most recent trip to the Mid-West, we found a border marker at an unlikely place, on the middle of a bridge! Continue reading Border Jumping: Kansas & Missouri

One of the Narrowest Streets In Europe

Trip Planning: Back to The Balkans

During our trip Back to The Balkans we spent a few days in Transylvania. If time was no issue I think that we could’ve spent at least a week checking out the different towns and sites in this area.

For our visit we stayed in Brasov and did day trips to a couple of different areas. While we slept in Brasov for 3 nights, we didn’t have tons of time to check out the sites around the town. However, I think we touched on the main things to do.

We had some time to wander around Brasov during the 2nd & 3rd days of our trip.

During this time we had a chance to visit a very popular and interesting site- Rope Street (Strada Sforii) one of the narrowest streets in Europe. Continue reading One of the Narrowest Streets In Europe

Jumping By Hamlet’s Castle of Kronborg- Denmark

P1030455In February 2011 Kim and I took a quick trip to Copenhagen thanks to a mistake fare with Delta. For $151.50 per person it was a deal that we couldn’t pass up.

We had been to Copenhagen a couple of years back (during the summer) so this time we got to experience the city in the bitter cold of winter.

During our brief 3 day trip, we had planned to stay at a hotel in Copenhagen and see a little more of the country. We ended up visiting three cities in three days!

Continue reading Jumping By Hamlet’s Castle of Kronborg- Denmark

Flashback Friday: Why I Started Jumping In Pictures


As most of you probably know, I was thrilled to join BoardingArea just under a month ago. I might be new to BoardingArea but I am not so new to blogging.

Michael W Travels was started in October 2011.

I am starting a new series called Flashback Friday as a way for you to get to know me a little better through some of my previous posts.

I laugh at some of my older posts when I look through my blog archives. Some of these posts were quite short (my first post & a few others were nothing more than a title and photo) while many others offer lots of information and details. The topics vary and I hope that they will paint a picture of what you should expect to see in the future on my site.

On that note I present you with the first Flashback Friday:

A First At The Delta Sky Deck- JFK Airport, NYC

Final approach to the Sky Deck

Yesterday I was happy to share an unlikely encounter that I had while attending the opening of Delta’s Terminal 4 (T4) at JFK Airport. You can Read about it HERE.

Today I would like to share something that I did on the brand new Delta Sky Deck that I believe is a first. While checking out the new and incredible Sky Deck, I felt that it would be a great place for a jump! (Make sure to check out the photo below)

(For those of you that don’t know, I like to jump for photos at times. You can check out a sample of my jumping photos on Michael W Travels HERE.)

Entrance to the Sky Club
When my brother and I got to the new T4, there were a couple of things we were really looking forward to seeing. At the top of our (and I’d guess just about everyone else’s) list would be a visit to the Delta Sky Club’s Sky Deck. Continue reading A First At The Delta Sky Deck- JFK Airport, NYC

Thoughts On Visiting Mount Rushmore

visiting mount rushmore
I think Mount Rushmore pretty much speaks for itself so I won’t be listing any facts or stats about it. However I figured that I could at least share some of the photos that we took during our visits. The monument is an absolutely amazing site to see. Each time we passed it while driving around South Dakota it was hard not to stop for another visit.
If you ask me, I think that every American should visit Mount Rushmore at least once. Continue reading Thoughts On Visiting Mount Rushmore

Jumping in Bolivar Square- Bogota, Colombia

a man jumping in the air in front of a building
While on our trip to Colombia, Kim and I were surprised by how much we enjoyed Bogota.
We really liked wandering around the city. An area that we passed through each day was Bolivar Square. It always seemed to be busy and full of people having a good time. There are shops and museums near the square and the presidential palace is also close by.
During one of our visits to the square, I decided that it was a great place for a jump!