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A Bridge Which Crosses Borders

a man standing on a bridge

Recently we went on a Mid-West Mini Road Trip in which we visited sites in 4 states in about 6 days. (A trip recap should be coming soon.)

While driving through Iowa on the way to Nebraska I was a bit disappointed.

The Welcome to Nebraska sign was on the middle of a busy highway. There would be no pulling over to take some photos which was definitely annoying.

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$348.65 + 71,906 Points= Trip For 3: Air, Hotel & Car Rental

a map of a road

With our most recent trip being planned last-minute (and during the trip), I didn’t have the time to write a trip-planning post. However, I still wanted to share all of the details now that the trip has come to an end.

Earlier in the year, Kim, Lucas and I set out on A Quick Euro-Roadtrip where we got a taste of 3 Countries In 4.5 Days. I can’t say that I love driving but I did enjoy this trip since it was quite different than the norm for us. While thinking about where to go during our end of school year break I kept focusing on Missouri. I’ve been wanting to visit St Louis and Kansas City for a while and this seemed to be the perfect time. Continue reading $348.65 + 71,906 Points= Trip For 3: Air, Hotel & Car Rental