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Tour An Amazon Fulfillment Center

Amazon Fulfillment Center

Amazon is typically our go-to place to shop online for just about anything. With good prices and speedy delivery if you have Amazon Prime, you can get your items easier than going to the store.

I also like the fact that we get 5X points for shopping at Amazon. (Purchase Amazon gift cards at Staples using a Chase Ink card and boom, you’re earning 5X points!)

So how are packages delivered so efficiently? Items are mainly sent from an Amazon Fulfillment Center. Continue reading Tour An Amazon Fulfillment Center

Where Did We Go In 2014

Travel Destinations 2014
image: (not including our trip to Vegas)

2014 was another great year for travel here at Michael W Travels!

The year got off to a great start thanks to some incredible (mistake? sale?) fares we booked through Wideroe to Europe in the first third of the year.

Since Kim and I don’t travel for work, all of our trips are for leisure- unless you consider our trip to Las Vegas for BAcon a work trip! I didn’t. Continue reading Where Did We Go In 2014

The Almost Mid-Year Update

a man jumping in the air
Azure Window on Maltese Island of Gozo

With the first half of 2014 closing in, I thought it was time for the Almost Mid-Year Update.

At the end of 2013 I wrote a few end of year recap posts and figured that for 2014 I’d add an additional recap or shall I call it an… update.

I want to discuss a little about what’s been going on over at Michael W Travels in terms of the blog, travel and miles & points earning.

The Blog: Continue reading The Almost Mid-Year Update

Delta “Launches” International Wi-Fi

a large airplane flying in the sky

Here’s some big news for those of you that can’t live without being connected at 30,000 feet (or just want another entertainment option) during international flights.

Delta started offering Gogo inflight internet on international flights yesterday.

The first flights connected were on Boeing 747-400s flying from L.A.- Tokyo (Flight 283) and Atlanta- Tokyo (Flight 295).

Continue reading Delta “Launches” International Wi-Fi

New Gogo Smartphone Day Passes +30% Off 1st Month Still Working

a cellphone with a plane flying out of the screenGogo Inflight Internet is now introducing a cheaper, daily way to connect. 

Gogo All-Day Passes cost $14 per day. They come with 24 hours of continuous use on the same airline.

I find this to be a bit on the pricey side and don’t see myself paying for a pass on a regular basis. However, if you have a long flight and really need to get some work done I could see the value in connecting at 30,000 feet.

I’d probably find  value in using the internet and buying a pass at under $10 per day (depending on the length of my flight) and now there is a way.

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Reminder: Free Entrance To U.S. National Parks This Weekend

a logo of a national park service

Early last month I wrote about Free Entrance Days at US National Parks in 2014.

To get some ideas about National Parks to visit , check out a post I wrote about Fodor’s list of 10 Best National Parks To Visit This Winter.

President’s Day Weekend is coming up in less than a week which means free entry to National Parks all over the country!

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Jumping Around the U.S. in 2013

Garden of the Gods- Colorado Springs, CO
Garden of the Gods- Colorado Springs, CO

I recently posted a few year-end recap posts related to our year in things related to travel. 

If you missed these posts, here are the links to them:

While thinking about my recaps, I realized that I missed one. In 2013, we flew for 5 domestic trips. We also took a few road trips during the year. I wanted to share some photos from these trips. Continue reading Jumping Around the U.S. in 2013

Use This: Eater’s Airport Dining Guides

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 10.54.06 PM

I’ve never been one to get excited about eating at an airport before a flight but in recent years, the dining options have been greatly improving. 

With the opening of Shake Shack and other impressive food options at Delta’s Terminal 4 at JFK last May, my thoughts about airport dining began to change.

While flying to Florida over Thanksgiving, we had a connection in Atlanta. We didn’t have much time between flights. Kim, Lucas and I were happy to see Chic-fil-A, practically next door to our gate. We’re not big on fast food but we happen to think that Chic-fil-A puts out possibly the best chicken sandwich, not a bad option for an airport! On the way back home, we ate at Chic-fil-A again and noticed that The Varsity, an icon in Atlanta was pretty much attached to Chic-fil-A. I can’t vouch for the food from The Varsity but I did see people consistently ordering from them.

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Free Entrance Days: U.S. National Parks in 2014

a logo of a national park service

After writing earlier in the day about Fodor’s list of 10 Best National Parks To Visit This Winter, I found it fitting to post about a yearly deal related to the NPs.

Every year the National Park Service set aside a select list of dates for Free Entrance Days in the National Parks.

While I’ve really enjoyed visiting a few of the national parks, I’m sure that they are even better when they are also a great deal!

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Over $4,500 In Value, How I Used My Southwest Companion Pass

a blue and red airplane with black textAs 2013 came to an end, it also meant the end to my Companion Pass status with Southwest Airlines.

It’s been a fun ride which we will get to continue since Kim now has the status. The big problem is that Lucas will need his own seat in 2014 making the pass a bit less valuable.

I earned the Companion Pass in late 2012 and Kim, Lucas & I enjoyed visiting lots of places around the U.S. thanks to it’s amazing value.

The Companion Pass allows you to designate one person that gets to fly with you just for the cost of tax ($2.50 per segment). When you book a flight with your points, they are essentially worth double if a companion flies with you. This is basically like earning double the amount of points from Southwest.

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