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Disappointing Bacon Cheeseburger From The Little Owl- Once Considered Best In World

the little owlFor quite some time, I’d wanted to dine at The Little Owl to try out their Bacon Cheeseburger.

Back in 2009, The Guardian named it the best hamburger in the world. The Little Owl is still considered one of the best burgers as it came in #11 on The 101 Best Burgers In America for 2018 from The Daily Meal.

On a recent visit to Manhattan, we decided to head over to The Little Owl to see what all of the fuss was about. Continue reading Disappointing Bacon Cheeseburger From The Little Owl- Once Considered Best In World

Vegas: 100K Delta Miles or 37000 Southwest Points

a sign with red and blue text with Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign in the background
image: history.com

This past Thursday Kim and I headed to Las Vegas for BAcon, the BoardingArea conference.

Getting to Vegas became a bit of a challenge due to a couple of factors. The start/ end times and dates of the conference didn’t seem to agree with flights out of the NYC area. Purchasing a flight wasn’t an option since they would cost a small fortune (and we don’t like to pay for flights unless it seems to be a really awesome deal). Continue reading Vegas: 100K Delta Miles or 37000 Southwest Points

A Visit To The Oldest Restaurant In Denver- The Buckhorn Exchange

a brick building with a red awning

Last month Kim, Lucas and I headed to Colorado Springs so that I could attend BAcon aka Boarding Area Conference.
We flew from NYC to Denver and then rented a car to drive to Colorado Springs. We could’ve flown directly to Colorado Springs but one of our favorite airlines for domestic flights, Southwest does not fly there.
We arrived in Denver a few hours before we needed to get to Colorado Springs and wanted to visit some sights or do something fun. However, we were all exhausted from our  4 am wake up for our flight so we opted to go for lunch.
I knew from before we left that we wouldn’t want to first start looking up where to eat when we got to Denver so I had done my research beforehand .
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Jumping Fun In Colorado Springs

a man holding a baby jumping on a deck
Lucas loves jumping!
While in Colorado Springs for the Boarding Area Conference our days were very busy and there wasn’t much time to relax or check out the premises of the Cheyenne Mountain Resort, our home for BAcon.
One particular area kept catching my eye each day. There was an outdoor deck with amazing mountain views that I wanted to stop at. I wanted to take my time to enjoy the views and take some photos, but it never seemed to be the right time.
I also figured that it would be a great place for a jump.
When the conference ended, we were planning to do something in the area before heading back to Denver for our flight. We decided to visit an amazing local attraction- Garden of the Gods.

Lucas Loves Cowboy Music, Thanks BAcon

a group of people playing instruments
Lucas enjoying the tunes

During our visit to Colorado for the Boarding Area Conference (BAcon) a couple of weeks back, we had a fun night out thanks to Randy Petersen and the BA team. The plans were a surprise, with the location revealed to us just before the event.

The Saturday night festivities took place in an old recording studio (the name escapes me) which looked like a old auto garage or something along those lines.

The event featured live music from an authentic cowboy band-  Flying W Wranglers and really tasty barbecue from Rudy’s.

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Kim and Lucas Get Booted From the Broadmoor Spa

a large building with a pond and trees
image credit: denver.org

During our weekend in Colorado for the Boarding Area Conference (BAcon), a first happened. Kim got kicked out of a place due to Lucas.

I was busy all weekend attending seminars about blogging, learning new tips and tricks to make my site better. Kim, Lucas and other +1’s (of BAcon attendees) didn’t have much planned, so the organizers- Boarding Area/ Randy Petersen arranged for a day at the historic Broadmoor Hotel’s Spa.
For Kim, going to a spa wasn’t going to be easy without some help with Lucas.
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A Quick Visit To Garden of the Gods- Colorado Springs

a man jumping in the air

While heading back to Denver from Colorado Springs we decided to stop at Garden of the Gods, a National Natural Landmark.

We were in Colorado Springs for the BoardingArea Conference aka BAcon. The conference was a great experience. I learned some new things which I will try to put into practice to improve the blog in the future. I also met many great people and fellow bloggers, the bulk being from travel blog aggregator site BoardingArea.

a landscape with trees and mountains
Garden of the Gods
a snowy mountain range in the distance
Pikes Peak
There wasn’t much time for our visit since we had to get back to Denver to catch a flight to New Orleans. The park was very busy and it was hard finding a parking spot. When we finally found a spot, we were amazed at what we saw.
The rock formations were really impressive. They had a nice orange color which reminded me of the Olgas in the Australian Outback. We could also see the snow capped Pikes Peak which offered another great view.
a woman and child on a rocky mountain
Kim & Lucas

After taking a few pictures of Kim and Lucas, it was time for some jumping shots.

I got to work, jumping right away and caused a few chuckles from other visitors in the process. I’m really happy with how the pictures came out!

a man jumping in the air
Jumping into the clouds

While heading back to the car, I saw a guy juggling. It looked really cool with the blue sky and the pins flying in the air. The pictures were so awesome that I offered to e-mail them to the juggler.

a man juggling with juggling clubs

If you decide to visit Colorado Springs, I’d definitely recommend a visit to the Garden of Gods. It’s probably a good idea to get there early since this seemed to be a very popular sight. I’d love to go back and have more time to explore the park in the future.

Garden of Gods is located at 1805 N.30th St in Colorado Springs, CO. You can read more about the park online HERE.


Lucas Tests Out New Southwest Lie-Flat Seat

a blue and red airplane with black text
Lucas was exhausted after having to get up early for our flight from New York to Denver for BAcon.
Lucky for him, he ended up sleeping in a little bit of luxury during our journey.

Lucas got to try out the new Southwest- First Class, lie- flat seats…
OK, so maybe it wasn’t first class but Lucas sure did get to lie flat!

Altering Our New Orleans Plans- We’re Heading to BAcon

a group of bacon strips
image found in google search

In late January I wrote about a trip being planned to New Orleans. Kim and I were pretty excited to be heading there. I got to visit N.O. years back for work but didn’t get to explore too much and this would be Kim’s first time.

About a week after I wrote my post I got an invite by e-mail to a very interesting event taking place in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The event is called BAcon or BoardingArea Conference.

Well you might ask- What is BoardingArea?
BoardingArea is a travel blog aggregator site which hosts some of the best frequent flyer blogs all in one place. I check many of the BoardingArea blogs on a daily basis to find out what’s going on in the points & miles world.

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