Jumping By the L.L Bean Bootmobile- Central Park, NYC

a car with a shoe on the top
In late June we stopped by the Adventures NYC festival in Central Park to see what the event had to offer. There were lots of booths set up with information and activities mainly related to the outdoors. We also saw some giveaways being held throughout the event. 
While walking around we came across one booth that really caught our eye. The booth had an information tent set up and a really interesting vehicle parked nearby.

a sign with a car and text

The L.L. Bean Bootmobile is a replica of the iconic L.L. Bean boot on wheels. It was built on a Ford F250 and is driven to different appearances all around the country. 

The Bootmobile was definitely eye-catching and it seemed like anyone that walked near the vehicle stopped to check it out. 

I felt like the Bootmobile would be the perfect place for a jump but I had one obstacle. I needed (wanted?) a photo jumping by the boot with no one else in it. After waiting 5-10 minutes we had a short amount of time to give the jump a try.

Check out the result below:

a man jumping in the air with a baby in a stroller

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