Flashback Friday: Why I Started Jumping In Pictures


As most of you probably know, I was thrilled to join BoardingArea just under a month ago. I might be new to BoardingArea but I am not so new to blogging.

Michael W Travels was started in October 2011.

I am starting a new series called Flashback Friday as a way for you to get to know me a little better through some of my previous posts.

I laugh at some of my older posts when I look through my blog archives. Some of these posts were quite short (my first post & a few others were nothing more than a title and photo) while many others offer lots of information and details. The topics vary and I hope that they will paint a picture of what you should expect to see in the future on my site.

On that note I present you with the first Flashback Friday:

  • Why I Started Jumping In Pictures

This post was first published on November 2, 2011.

Budapest, Hungary

I started jumping a few years back when asked if a picture I posted (shown above) on the online travel comunity website- Virtual Tourist could be used for a collection being made of jumping pics.

VT member Jumping Norman has a massive collection of jumping pictures. Some he takes but most are sent to him from people living all over the world. After checking out some of his pictures I thought it would be fun to start jumping- mainly when traveling.
Jumping pictures are a lot of fun to take and you definitely end up with some interesting shots.
Since writing this short post, jumping has changed for us. We don’t just jump to get interesting pictures, it’s also a great form of entertainment for Lucas!
For a while now, Lucas has gotten really interested in when we jump and it brings an instant smile to his face. Even if he’s in a cranky mood, all I have to do is jump and his face changes to a huge smile! Better than that, is picking him up and jumping- you should hear the laughter!

Llogara Pass, AlbaniaNow when we get to an interesting place/ site, Lucas will even request that we jump! He’s also tries to join in with the fun by attempting to jump. (Although his feet don’t actually leave the ground yet.) Check out Lucas’ first jumping attempt here.

It’s also fun to see the reaction of people around us. It usually brings a smile to many faces and some imitators too! We’ve even invited strangers to join in at times. Check out my post Jumping With the Ultramarathon Man to see me jumping with Dean Karnazes.
Check out some of my other jumping photos above on the Jumping Pics page. The page needs some updating but there is still a good amount of jumping shots there for you to see.

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        1. That’s too bad. 🙂 I guess we’re lucky since Lucas has (so far) been a great traveler and is usually happy/ easy to deal with unless he’s exhausted or hungry.

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