Jumping By the Spoonbridge and Cherry- Minneapolis

a man jumping in the air with a spoon and a cherry sculpture with Minneapolis Sculpture Garden in the background

During our visit to Minnesota we stopped by the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. The main reason for our visit was see the Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture. 

The sculpture garden is a decent size public park and was busy but never really felt crowded. We strolled around, checking out many of the sculptures but didn’t really care for what we saw. The only sculpture that we really liked was the Spoonbridge and Cherry.

The Spoonbridge and Cherry definitely draws the largest crowd. It was also the only sculpture that we stopped at that required a wait if you wanted to get a photo in a decent spot.

The sculpture is a bit strange but was really cool to check out. The top of the stem has a barely noticeable sprinkler with water coming out. It was a bit windy out which caused the stem sprinkler to blow a light mist of water onto anyone standing too close.

While admiring the Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture I decided that this would be a fun and great place for a jump. As I did my jumps, a bunch of other visitors were watching and laughing . I then saw some of them trying to get some jumping photos too!

a woman jumping in the air with a cherry and a statue with Minneapolis Sculpture Garden in the background

Kim is a bit more selective than me when it comes to jumping but felt that the Spoonbridge was worthy of a photo. She waited for the copycat jumpers to finish and then took her turn. Kim had great form and I took a couple of fun photos of her jumps!

Lucas was a party-pooper and slept while all of this fun jumping was going on.

Find out about the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden here.

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