Lucas’ First Jumping Attempt- Long Island City, NY

a man and child jumping on a dock

Lucas trying his first jump but getting no air

At the 2013 JFK Runway Run I was lucky to win one of the raffle prizes. I was hoping (dreaming?) to win a flight somewhere but ended up with tickets to a food event called The Taste of LIC. The event takes place in Long Island City, Queens (in Gantry Plaza State Park) and sounded like it would be a good time.

Our prize came with VIP tickets which included early entry to the event. After walking around and sampling some of the food, we weren’t so impressed. A short while later it got really busy inside of the tent. We decided to go outside to let Lucas run around for a while on the pier close by.When we turned back towards the tent we noticed the words Long Island painted on various cranes. I had seen these signs before but never from so close. 

This seemed like the perfect place to take some jumping photos. When I walked to my desired spot, Lucas followed after me saying jump jump (or something close to that)! He then walked in front of me and tried to do his own jump but his feet never left the ground. I’m pretty sure that this was Lucas’ first attempt at jumping!a man holding a baby on a bridgeI tried a few more jumps just to be sure that I had some good shots and then did one of Lucas’ favorite things. I jumped while holding him. Both of us were laughing and having a great time!

We may have not loved the food at the Taste of LIC but we managed to find some great scenery and one of the most perfect backdrops for a jump! 

In the end I’d call this a pretty successful trip out to Long Island City!

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