McDonald’s To Offer New Crispy Chicken Sandwich + Early CHKN DROP!

McDonald'sA few months back, McDonald’s brought back the McRib for a limited time. We headed over to McD’s to grab one of the sandwiches and it was pretty awesome.

While I rarely eat McDonald’s at home, I always visit the Golden Arches when visiting new countries. I like to review the unique items on the menus. (You can find links to my reviews at the bottom of this post.)

The Food Wars have been pretty intense in recent years when it comes to chicken sandwiches. Popeye’s sandwich sold out soon after it debuted and it took a while for them to become available again. I found this to be better than the Popeyes sandwich. Since my first taste of the Popeyes sandwich (which I didn’t love), it’s been much better.

Other notable chicken sandwiches can be found at chains like Chic-fil-A (my favorite), Shake Shack and Wendy’s.

Now, McDonald’s is stepping up their game by introducing a new Crispy Chicken Sandwich on February 24!

Based on a photo of the sandwich, it looks pretty tasty and I’ll definitely give it a try.

There are going to be three versions of the new McD’s sandwich: (from Mc’Ds)

  • Crispy Chicken Sandwich: For those who want to keep things simple – topped with our crinkle cut pickles and served on a new toasted, buttered potato roll.
  • Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich: For those craving some heat – served with a Spicy Pepper Sauce and crinkle cut pickles on a toasted potato roll.
  • Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich: For those looking for a little extra somethin’ in the toppings department– served with shredded lettuce, Roma tomatoes and mayo.

For those of you interested in a sneak peak of the sandwich, there will be a Crispy Chicken Sandwich Drop tomorrow, February 18.

At noon ET, (at a special website) you’ll be able to get “an early taste of the Crispy Chicken Sandwich with a limited edition custom hoodie and an exclusive Tay Keith 7” vinyl.

I clicked the e-mail I received from McDonald’s to get more details, but there wasn’t much info to be found. I decided to Google the McD’s chicken sandwich and read that the Chicken Drop package could be had for only $5!

I’ll be trying to get an early taste of the sandwich tomorrow although I’m guessing it won’t be easy to get one of the packages.

Find out more and try to get in on the early McD’s Chicken Drop here.

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