Watch Trump Plaza In Atlantic City, NJ Get Blown Up!

Trump Plaza
image: wikicommons

Last month, I shared news that Trump Plaza, located in Atlantic City, NJ would be blown up. There was also an auction being held for a viewing party of the event.

February 17 was the big day when the casino was demolished!

Fox News shared news that “demolition crews positioned explosives at strategic points along the building’s support structures to bring the building down on itself.

The Trump Plaza opened back in 1984 and was a very popular and successful casino, attracting “movie stars, athletes and rock stars to must-see events.”

The casino closed in 2014 and had fallen into disrepair in recent years.

I bet many of you would love to see the casino get blown up!

Check out a clip of Trump Plaza being demolished:

Find out more from Fox News here.

3 thoughts on “Watch Trump Plaza In Atlantic City, NJ Get Blown Up!

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