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25 Hours In Andorra!

andorraOver President’s Week break the Michael W Travels family headed to Barcelona.

Barcelona was the first European city I visited (around 20 years back) but it was the first visit  for the rest of my family. It’s fun to revisit places I’ve been but I still like to squeeze in a new destination, too.

While planning the trip back to Spain, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to finally make it to Andorra, a tiny UN member state up in the Pyrenees mountains, between Spain and France. Continue reading 25 Hours In Andorra!

Save Money When You Visit Andorra With This Pass

andorraDuring President’s Week Break, the Michael W Travels family visited Spain (Barcelona) and Andorra.

This was a relatively short trip and we found out that this was possibly the worst time to fly to Europe. It also didn’t help that Hotels.com screwed up our reservation in Barcelona.

After spending a couple of days in Barcelona, we drove around 2.5 hours to the small country of Andorra which is located in the Pyrenees Mountains between Spain and France. Continue reading Save Money When You Visit Andorra With This Pass

This Is Why We Do Not Touch in Museums!

Do Not Touch
image: wikimedia commons

There’s a good reason that museums have do not touch signs…

A man was visiting the National Watch and Clock Museum in Columbia, Pennsylvania when he got quite interested in one particular clock hanging on the wall. He took some photos and then felt the need to “poke and prod it,” according to T+L.

The man’s decision led to very bad things and it was all caught on video. Continue reading This Is Why We Do Not Touch in Museums!

Top 25 Museums in the World

Top Museums
State Hermitage Museum & Winter Palace

There are many great museums around the world. However, naming the best ones can definitely be subjective. I think if we were all asked to name our favorite museum, it’s safe to say that we’d get tons of different answers.

I highly doubt that some of my favorite museums would make any best-of lists.

One of my favorites, the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, features medical oddities. Another favorite would be The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway. I’ve also enjoyed various food museums and some art museums although I wouldn’t consider myself a big art fan. Continue reading Top 25 Museums in the World

One of the Strangest Museums Opened in Japan

Toilet Museum
Not so modern Japanese toilet

I’ve written many times about how I like visiting odd and quirky museums.

Most recently, I visited the Waffle House Museum in Atlanta, GA. Some other museums of note that would fit in with odd and quirky would be:

It seems like many strange and odd museums exist in Japan. Another one recently opened which I’d like to visit in the future… Continue reading One of the Strangest Museums Opened in Japan

Best FREE Museums in the World

free museums
image from Thrillist

At times, when things are free they end up being more enjoyable. In my opinion, when something is free the expectations are lowered. Less expectations can make for a more enjoyable time since you might not have to make sure to get full value, so to speak.

My guess is that the majority of you reading BoardingArea enjoy finding  ways to save money while traveling. Maybe you’re looking for ways to maximize the value of your airline miles or hotel points and/ or find out the best way to manufacture spend to build up lots of  miles economically. These are ways we can save on our travels in the long run.

How do you save money while away on your trips? Continue reading Best FREE Museums in the World

More Rt 66, BBQ & Museums: Oklahoma Trip: Day 3

Things to do in Oklahoma

It’s been a week since I last wrote about our Trip to OklahomaI wanted to finish the final installment so here is a post about some of the things we did during our final day in Tulsa.

After spending some time at Oktoberfest during the first two days of our trip we figured our last day would best be spent checking out the sites around Tulsa. This included checking out a couple of more Route 66 sites, meeting up with a local twitter travel friend, eating some tasty BBQ and checking out a couple of museums. Continue reading More Rt 66, BBQ & Museums: Oklahoma Trip: Day 3

A Kid Free Museum Sleepover

Earlier in the year I wrote about Museum Sleepovers For Kids of All Ages,  based on a USA Today article.

Museum sleepovers sound like a really fun event to take part in. You get to visit the museum with a much smaller crowd and do some fun kid-related activities after-hours. I’d love to experience one of these sleepovers with Lucas someday however the prices seem a bit steep… Continue reading A Kid Free Museum Sleepover

10 Amazing Free Museums in the U.S.

It’s safe to say that just about all of us in the miles and points hobby love a great deal. And the best price (of course!) is always free.

When traveling, the costs from museum admission fees can add up really fast, especially when travelling with a family. However, there are lots of museums which will let you in for free.

Smarter Travel came up with a slideshow featuring “10 Amazing Free Museums in the United States“. Continue reading 10 Amazing Free Museums in the U.S.

Delta Flight Museum Just Re-Opened, It’s Awesome

When I booked our flight to Atlanta I was disappointed to hear that the Delta Flight Museum was closed for renovations. It was actually supposed to reopen a few weeks after we were in town.

I decided to give the museum a call anyway just to be safe. If the museum was open, it was an attraction that I didn’t want to miss. I was surprised when someone answered the phone and told me that the museum had actually opened a bit earlier than planned!

I checked out the museum’s website (where it still stated it would be reopening mid- June) and tickets were for sale. I decided to hold off on buying them just in case something came up and we couldn’t make it. This ended up being a great move. A $12 per person entry fee would’ve cost Kim and I over $25 with tax, but when we arrived we were told that entry was free for now since there was no way for them to collect the money!

Score! An earlier than expected opening plus no fee to get in!

Continue reading Delta Flight Museum Just Re-Opened, It’s Awesome