Top 25 Museums in the World

Top Museums
State Hermitage Museum & Winter Palace

There are many great museums around the world. However, naming the best ones can definitely be subjective. I think if we were all asked to name our favorite museum, it’s safe to say that we’d get tons of different answers.

I highly doubt that some of my favorite museums would make any best-of lists.

One of my favorites, the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, features medical oddities. Another favorite would be The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway. I’ve also enjoyed various food museums and some art museums although I wouldn’t consider myself a big art fan.

I was looking over TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Awards and found their list of Top 25 Museums in the world to be an interesting mix of topics.

Museums that placed on TripAdvisor’s list were chosen by traveler reviews.

Here is the list: (museums in bold are ones I’ve visited)

  1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art- New York City
  2. Musee d’Orsay- Paris, France
  3. Art Institute of Chicago- Chicago, IL
  4. Museo Nacional del Prado- Madrid, Spain
  5. Musee du Louvre- Paris, France
  6. State Hermitage Museum & Winter Palace- St Petersburg, Russia
  7. National Gallery- London, UK
  8. Rijksmuseum- Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  9. Vasa Museum- Stockholm, Sweden
  10. National Museum of Anthropology- Mexico City, Mexico
  11. The Acropolis Museum- Athens, Greece
  12. British Museum- London, UK
  13. Van Gogh Museum- Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  14. Accademia Gallery- Florence, Italy
  15. The National WWII Museum- New Orleans, LA
  16. Pergamon Museum- Berlin, Germany
  17. The Getty Center- Los Angeles, CA
  18. Smithsonian Air & Space Museum- Washington, DC
  19. Instituto Ricardo Brennand- Recife, Brazil
  20. Inhotim- Brumadingo, Brazli
  21. National Gallery of Art- Washington, DC
  22. Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum- Jerusalem, Israel
  23. The Museum of Quinn Terra cotta Warriors & Horses- Xi’an, China
  24. Museum of Latin American Art Buenos Aires- Buenos Aires, Argentina
  25. Museum of New Zealand- Wellington, NZ

I’ve been to 11 of the 25 museums which made the list.

Some favorites that made TripAdvisor’s list would be the Van Gogh Museum, the Louvre, Smithsonian Air & Space Museum and the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum.

Do you have any favorite museums? If so, please let us know in the comments below,

Find out about each of TripAdvisor’s top museums here.

3 thoughts on “Top 25 Museums in the World

  1. One of my favorites is the Tropen Museum in Amsterdam. It’s going to the developing world without the malaria shots: colourful, well documented and lively.

  2. The Van Gogh museum in the top 25?!?! To say that’s a stretch is an understatement.

    It’s criminal that the Galleria degli Uffizi is not on this list. Different strokes I guess..

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