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Win A East Coast or West Coast Road Trip For Two- 2 Winners!

Road TripTravelZoo and Thrillist are currently running the Road Trippin’ Sweepstakes where two lucky winners will win a trip for two to a road trip destination on the east coast or west coast.

The prizes include two night stays at luxury resorts however, transportation is not included! I found this pretty funny considering the name of this sweepstakes! Continue reading Win A East Coast or West Coast Road Trip For Two- 2 Winners!

Win A Trip To Belize For Nationwide Game Of Hide & Seek

image: Instagram @travelbelize

The Belize Tourism Board is planning to run the world’s first nationwide game of hide and seek and they are looking for some participants.

Thrillist reports that, “it’s looking for five people to take them up on the offer for an all expenses paid trip to be a part of it.” Continue reading Win A Trip To Belize For Nationwide Game Of Hide & Seek

Strangest Law In Each US State

US stateIn early 2014 I wrote about 10 Crazy Driving Laws Around the World.

A couple of favorites were: Russia- keep your car clean and Alabama- don’t drive blindfolded!

There are definitely odd laws all around the world that we need to be careful of violating while visiting a new country. For instance, during our recent (and upcoming) visit to the UAE, I need to be extra careful not to curse while texting. Luckily, there isn’t really much for me to worry about since I don’t text while using my phone in foreign counties.

Well what about odd laws at home in the good old USA? Continue reading Strangest Law In Each US State

Top Tourist Attraction In Each State

Tourist attraction

In recent years I’ve been trying to see more of the U.S. It’s impressive to think about just how many amazing sites and places the country has to see.

To date I’ve been to 32 states and just a handful of National Parks. In the future I’d like to complete visiting every state as well as see many of the parks.

Each state seems to have  something interesting or which makes it stand out. Some might have the famous national parks, monuments, stadiums or even a well-known food dish. Continue reading Top Tourist Attraction In Each State

Most Underrated Tourist Attraction in Each State

Tourist Attractions 
The Shit Fountain didn’t make the cut

When visiting a city or state there are certain sights that you’d expect just about every tourist to visit.

For example, I’d expect most visitors to New York to go to Times Square and visit the Statue of Liberty. In an even more obvious pick, I think we’d all agree that all visitors that go to Orlando will check out Disney World. It’s most likely the reason they are in the city…

While each state might have its share of famous and touristy sights what about sights worth seeing which might be considered underrated?

Thrillist took a look at The Most Underrated Tourist Attraction In All 50 States. Continue reading Most Underrated Tourist Attraction in Each State

Best FREE Museums in the World

free museums
image from Thrillist

At times, when things are free they end up being more enjoyable. In my opinion, when something is free the expectations are lowered. Less expectations can make for a more enjoyable time since you might not have to make sure to get full value, so to speak.

My guess is that the majority of you reading BoardingArea enjoy finding  ways to save money while traveling. Maybe you’re looking for ways to maximize the value of your airline miles or hotel points and/ or find out the best way to manufacture spend to build up lots of  miles economically. These are ways we can save on our travels in the long run.

How do you save money while away on your trips? Continue reading Best FREE Museums in the World

Best Spots In World To Be Naked

naked travel
image: Thrillist from Shutterstock

Last year I wrote about an event called The Naked Sledding World Championship which took place in a small town in Germany.

This definitely sounded like it had the makings of an extremely bizarre event. Some of you might wonder why the event would take place in Germany. But then you might remember that it’s legal to get naked in Germany. They also won the world championship for nudity. 

So why all of the references to nudity and Germany? Continue reading Best Spots In World To Be Naked