A Kid Free Museum Sleepover

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Earlier in the year I wrote about Museum Sleepovers For Kids of All Ages,  based on a USA Today article.

Museum sleepovers sound like a really fun event to take part in. You get to visit the museum with a much smaller crowd and do some fun kid-related activities after-hours. I’d love to experience one of these sleepovers with Lucas someday however the prices seem a bit steep…

I recently found out from Gothamist that the American Museum of Natural History in New York City will be hosting its first adult-only sleepover.

The sleepover will take place on August 1 and is open to a limited number of adults 21 and up.

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image from AMNH

When I first heard about the sleepover I thought it sounded pretty interesting but then I saw the price- $375 per person or a member special of $325 p/p. (For that kind of $$$ I could plan a trip!) I didn’t consider looking into it any further with the idea of booking it.

Apparently the price wasn’t much of a deterrent to others since the event already sold out.

Here is what is included for over $300 per person:

a white text on a white backgroundHave you ever taken part in a museum sleepover? If so, what was it like?

I tried looking for other adult-only museum sleepovers and only came across a couple that had already taken place. Do you know of any museums offering this kind of thing?

Find out more about the American Museum of Natural History’s adult-only sleepover here.

You can also check out the Gothamist post about the sleepover here.

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