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Lonely Planet Has A Toilet Guide

Lonely Planet

This might just be the strangest guide to ever be published by legendary travel guide company Lonely Planet and I have to say that I’m curious to check it out!

Lonely Planet publishes a variety of books other than travel guides. They have language guides which fit in well with travel & destination guides and then there are a variety of pictorial books.

Titles range in topic from World’s Best Seafood, How To Survive Anything to a favorite topic of mine- Signspotting (which I came across after I started taking photos of Ridiculous Street Signs).

So what is this new and strangest guide? Continue reading Lonely Planet Has A Toilet Guide

Forget TripAdvisor, How About ToiletAdvisor


During our recent trip to the Middle East Gulf States, we spent a good portion of our time away visiting Oman.

The country has a lot to offer visitors with many forts & historical sites, natural attractions and more.

One of the destinations that we were most looking forward to visiting was Wadi Shab, sometimes described as the Grand Canyon of Oman. Continue reading Forget TripAdvisor, How About ToiletAdvisor

One of the Strangest Museums Opened in Japan

Toilet Museum
Not so modern Japanese toilet

I’ve written many times about how I like visiting odd and quirky museums.

Most recently, I visited the Waffle House Museum in Atlanta, GA. Some other museums of note that would fit in with odd and quirky would be:

It seems like many strange and odd museums exist in Japan. Another one recently opened which I’d like to visit in the future… Continue reading One of the Strangest Museums Opened in Japan