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At times, when things are free they end up being more enjoyable. In my opinion, when something is free the expectations are lowered. Less expectations can make for a more enjoyable time since you might not have to make sure to get full value, so to speak.

My guess is that the majority of you reading BoardingArea enjoy finding  ways to save money while traveling. Maybe you’re looking for ways to maximize the value of your airline miles or hotel points and/ or find out the best way to manufacture spend to build up lots of  miles economically. These are ways we can save on our travels in the long run.

How do you save money while away on your trips?

One good way to save would be to take part in free activities.

Thrillist took a look at the The World’s 16 Best Free Museums which I found pretty interesting to read.

When I saw the title of this article, the first museums which came to mind were the Smithsonian Museums in Washington, DC.

All of the museums and zoos there are free which is pretty amazing if you ask me! One of my favorites is The National Museum of the American Indian. I’d highly recommend visiting next time you find yourself in the U.S. capital!

Here are the museums that made Thrillist’s list:

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art- NYC
  • British Museum- London, UK
  • Getty Center- Los Angeles, CA
  • The Louvre- Paris, France
  • The National Museum of China- Beijing
  • National Air & Space Museum- Washington, DC
  • Coventry Transport Museum- Coventry, UK
  • Nicholson Museum- Sydney, Australia
  • Tate Modern- London, UK
  • Daimler Contemporary- Berlin, Germany
  • The Museum of Natural History- NYC
  • Vatican Museums- Vatican City
  • USS Constitution & Museum- Boston, MA
  • National Football Museum- Manchester , UK
  • Museu Afro Brasil- Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Rothko Chapel- Houston, TX

The list of free museums is a pretty impressive one made up of places around the world. I’ve visited half of the museums mentioned which I’ve made bold to show. From the eight museums that I’ve visited I really enjoyed all of them except the Tate Modern although my visit was many years back. I also can’t say that I really remember what my visit to The Met was like…

Have you visited many of these free museums? If you know of other interesting, free museums which didn’t make this list, please let us know which ones in the comments below!

Find out about each of the 16 best free museums from Thrillist here.

3 thoughts on “Best FREE Museums in the World

  1. Dan & carlh- You are right. Free is subjective in that some museums are only free on certain days, with certain passes or for certain ages/ nationalities etc… I think Thrillist’s list is more museums that have free admission days. I could’ve better specified that too.

  2. I thought this was about FREE museums. Since when are the Louvre and the Vatican Museums free? Also, if it is all museums instead of just free ones, the Vatican Museum should clearly be number one in the world. It is amazing (and not, I’m not Catholic, but it is amazing). Also, for a truly free museum, the Natural History Museum in Washington, DC should certainly be somewhere on the list. The gem and mineral collection there is amazing.

  3. I think you may need to include some more information since the post is somewhat misleading as it stands.

    Just from recent knowledge I Lourve is not free at present. It has free admission on Sunday from October to March but none in the spring or summer

    Getty is free but parking is 15 bucks. So its 15 bucks per car since there is really no way to get there besides driving.

    The NY museum of natural history isn’t free but there is only a suggested donation. Paying less based on ones financial means is justified but if one has the means to travel to NY, I would have moral qualms paying nothing. Also, you do have to get tickets. You can opt to give them no money for the tickets but it is an awkward experience doing so.

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