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Check Out This Awesome TripAdvisor Style Review

image: wikimedia commons

Most people know TripAdvisor as a popular site to visit to get some info and other traveler’s opinions before booking a hotel stay. The site also offers tips on attractions and other things.

Last summer I came across ToiletAdvisor while Kim, Lucas and I were traveling around Oman during our trip to the Middle East Gulf States.

Maybe TripAdvisor should add another category… Continue reading Check Out This Awesome TripAdvisor Style Review

Top 25 Museums in the World

Top Museums
State Hermitage Museum & Winter Palace

There are many great museums around the world. However, naming the best ones can definitely be subjective. I think if we were all asked to name our favorite museum, it’s safe to say that we’d get tons of different answers.

I highly doubt that some of my favorite museums would make any best-of lists.

One of my favorites, the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, features medical oddities. Another favorite would be The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway. I’ve also enjoyed various food museums and some art museums although I wouldn’t consider myself a big art fan. Continue reading Top 25 Museums in the World

Top 10 Pizza Restaurants in US?

Julianna’s Pizza- Brooklyn, NY

When I saw that TripAdvisor came up with a list of Top 10 Pizza Restaurants in the U.S., I was definitely curious to find out which places made the cut (as well as also find out just how many I’ve visited).

Living in New York City, specifically Brooklyn, we can probably go to a different pizzeria each week without repeating any places that we’ve been to previously.

With that said, on many best pizza lists, one particular place in Brooklyn usually comes in at the top spot- DiFara, located on Avenue J in the Midwood section. Continue reading Top 10 Pizza Restaurants in US?

The 25 Top Landmarks in the World

World landmarks

TripAdvisor has been coming out with their Traveler’s Choice picks for a variety of categories like Top Tourist Destinations and the Top Islands to Visit for 2015 in recent months.

The selections chosen for TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice are “chosen by millions of travelers”. Other categories include hotels and beaches.

I was particularly interested in checking out the newest list, World Wonders 2015 featuring the 25 Top World Landmarks! Continue reading The 25 Top Landmarks in the World