One of the Strangest Museums Opened in Japan

Toilet Museum
Not so modern Japanese toilet

I’ve written many times about how I like visiting odd and quirky museums.

Most recently, I visited the Waffle House Museum in Atlanta, GA. Some other museums of note that would fit in with odd and quirky would be:

It seems like many strange and odd museums exist in Japan. Another one recently opened which I’d like to visit in the future…

Frommer’s reports that the first toilet museum opened in Japan!

If you’ve been to Japan and have seen some of the ridiculously advanced toilets then maybe you could comprehend why this kind of museum would open. (Regardless, it’s still extremely weird!)

Plumbing company Toto opened the museum in Kitakyushu, which is their hometown on Kyushu island.

The museum is appropriately called the Toto Museum and admission is free. (I personally would’ve rather called it the Potty Museum…)

I was beyond surprised to learn that this isn’t the first toilet museum in the world. Frommer’s mentions that a toilet museum exists in Delhi!

Find out more about Japan’s new toilet museum here.

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