Happy National Cookie Day For Us- I Won A Pepperidge Farm Cookie Kit!

Pepperidge Farm

Yesterday I wrote a post about a promo from Pepperidge Farm where you could try to win a Cookie Kit today for National Cookie Day.

At 8:00AM ET, the giveaway site opened but it was chock full of errors. The site must’ve been so overwhelmed that it kept crashing, leaving many people frustrated and pissed off.

Who knew there were so many cookie monsters out there!I was on the site before 8:00 and kept refreshing the page over and over. I kept getting an error message like the one above until it finally allowed me to enter my information to grab one of the elusive cookie kits.

I entered my info a couple of times but it kept bouncing back to a blank entry screen.

Rather than give up, I tried another couple of times and I received a message of success! It said my Pepperidge Farm holiday cookie kit was on its way! (An e-mail soon followed confirming that I was one of the winners.)

I’ve had pretty good luck with online contests so here’s another small victory. No, I didn’t win a trip to a cool destination but I think my kids will be quite happy with five varieties of Pepperidge Farm cookies and a fun plate to display them on.In the end, there was an overwhelming response to this giveaway. With only 175 cookie kits up for grabs, the odds of getting one couldn’t be very good. The promo was over in around eight minutes.

Maybe Pepperidge Farm will run the promo again due to the huge interest.

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