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Woman Suing Tortas Frontera ORD for Margarita Injury

Tortas Frontera

Tortas Frontera by Rick Bayless (at O’Hare Airport in Chicago) is consistently rated as one of the top airport restaurants. Check out an article about US airports ranked by food.

While many know that Tortas Frontera serves delicious food, can it be dangerous to dine there? Probably not likely.

One woman is suing, due to an injury she claims to have received at one of the restaurant’s airport locations. Continue reading Woman Suing Tortas Frontera ORD for Margarita Injury

Target Opening In-Store Wine Bar

Target Chicago
image: Target Pressroom

It seems like we can get just about anything we need at Target but the food and drink offerings are what I’d consider sub-par.

I’m pretty sure that every Target has a Starbucks but I am not a coffee drinkers. They usually have small cafe areas across from Starbuks selling snacks, drinks, a few food items as well as Pizza Hut.

During desperately hungry times I’ve eaten at the Target Pizza Huts which are definitely nothing great.

Well now Target has a new idea coming to an upcoming Chicago location. Continue reading Target Opening In-Store Wine Bar

Find Out Where To Dine Before Your Flight: Eater’s Airport Dining Guides


In January 2014 I wrote about what I’d consider to be an extremely useful tool for finding the best airport eats, Eater’s Airport Dining Guides.

Since coming across Eater’s guides, I’ve used them every time that I’ve passed through a domestic airport and was in need of a meal or maybe even a snack! 🙂

I’ve noticed that the guides were in need of an update and it looks like it’s here. Continue reading Find Out Where To Dine Before Your Flight: Eater’s Airport Dining Guides

21 Must-Eat & Best Burgers In America

Best Burgers in America
image: Eater

I’ve written quite a few times in the past about my love for burgers.

While my favorite food would still probably be pizza, burgers have definitely caught up and come in just behind as my other favorite.

Check out some of my burger-related posts:

Since I’m always in search of great burgers (I recently tried a new one at Brooklyn’s Reynard which was really good), I was happy to come across a very interesting article from Eater. Continue reading 21 Must-Eat & Best Burgers In America

Anthony Bourdain’s Food Hall To Open In NYC In 2015

anthony bourdain new york
image: CNN

I remember reading about Anthony Bourdain’s idea of opening a food hall in NYC with the concept being something along the line of world foods. It was a while back and I can’t recall the last time I heard any mention of it until last night.

Eater reports that the food hall will be called Bourdain Market. They also mention rumors of it opening at 3 World Trade Center. Continue reading Anthony Bourdain’s Food Hall To Open In NYC In 2015

Win A Trip For 2 To Feast Portland

Portland is a city that I’ve been wanting to visit for quite some time. I’ve heard about the food scene (food carts) as well as it being a beautiful city.

One of my favorite food blogs, Eater has partnered with a few other companies to run a contest, offering one lucky winner a trip for 2 to Portland in the Ultimate Feast Portland Sweepstakes.

Feast Portland takes place from September 18-21 and Eater wants to send you there on Alaska Airlines for a 3 night stay! Continue reading Win A Trip For 2 To Feast Portland

Use This: Eater’s Airport Dining Guides

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 10.54.06 PM

I’ve never been one to get excited about eating at an airport before a flight but in recent years, the dining options have been greatly improving. 

With the opening of Shake Shack and other impressive food options at Delta’s Terminal 4 at JFK last May, my thoughts about airport dining began to change.

While flying to Florida over Thanksgiving, we had a connection in Atlanta. We didn’t have much time between flights. Kim, Lucas and I were happy to see Chic-fil-A, practically next door to our gate. We’re not big on fast food but we happen to think that Chic-fil-A puts out possibly the best chicken sandwich, not a bad option for an airport! On the way back home, we ate at Chic-fil-A again and noticed that The Varsity, an icon in Atlanta was pretty much attached to Chic-fil-A. I can’t vouch for the food from The Varsity but I did see people consistently ordering from them.

Continue reading Use This: Eater’s Airport Dining Guides