Target Opening In-Store Wine Bar

Target Chicago
image: Target Pressroom

It seems like we can get just about anything we need at Target but the food and drink offerings are what I’d consider sub-par.

I’m pretty sure that every Target has a Starbucks but I am not a coffee drinkers. They usually have small cafe areas across from Starbuks selling snacks, drinks, a few food items as well as Pizza Hut.

During desperately hungry times I’ve eaten at the Target Pizza Huts which are definitely nothing great.

Well now Target has a new idea coming to an upcoming Chicago location.

A new Target in the Windy City will include a wine bar on the first floor. Kinda weird, strange, cool- I don’t even know what to make of this!

According to Eater, the bar will “offer a variety of wines and small plates — like bacon-wrapped dates and truffle macaroni and cheese — as the retail giant’s proposed menu was included in Target’s city of Chicago liquor license application obtained by Eater Chicago through a Freedom of Information Act request“.

The store will be located near Navy Pier and should be opening next month.

The article mentions that wine will be sold by the glass and bottle as well as craft beer.

The bar area should have six tables and here is the craziest part- customers will be able take their drinks with them as they shop at the store.

I’m not sure how smart that is. I could see many drunk shopping purchases needing to be returned. (Imagine waking up and thinking, did I really need the 72 pack of toilet paper or a 72in flat screen TV.)

Will Target soon become the hottest new place to go on a date in Chicago? Possibly! Or maybe, go to Target, load your REDcard and grab a drink?

Find out more about Target’s upcoming wine bar from Eater here.

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