Anthony Bourdain’s Food Hall To Open In NYC In 2015

anthony bourdain new york
image: CNN

I remember reading about Anthony Bourdain’s idea of opening a food hall in NYC with the concept being something along the line of world foods. It was a while back and I can’t recall the last time I heard any mention of it until last night.

Eater reports that the food hall will be called Bourdain Market. They also mention rumors of it opening at 3 World Trade Center.

Bourdain Market will be all about street food and should have around 50 vendors from around the world.

This definitely sounds like an exciting project.

While you need to be careful with street food, Kim and I have really enjoyed the hawker markets of Singapore (we visited 3 or 4) and a variety of different street food in Thailand along with a bunch of other places. One kind of street food (not sure if you’d really call it a food) that I didn’t like was fat ass ants, which we tried in Bogota.

Are you a fan of street food & food halls?

As you could probably tell, I’m a fan. Some of my favorites are Chomp Chomp Food Center in Singapore, Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, Mathallen Food Hall in Oslo and Berg’n in Brooklyn, NY.

If you’re a fan of street food & food halls,  please share some of your favorites with us.

Find out more from Eater about Bourdain Market here.

6 thoughts on “Anthony Bourdain’s Food Hall To Open In NYC In 2015

  1. Ang- I think the Bourdain Market will do well. It sounds like a unique idea for the U.S. plus add the celebrity name… I have the same worries as you that it will be over-crowded by tourists like Eataly!

    Berg’n is so great! Definitely go.

  2. I read about this yesterday and I can’t wait! It will be the best thing ever and I am hopeful it will succeed. That said, I am not sure it will get the exposure it needs if it’s by WFC, but we’ll see! I am looking forward to it. I just hope it won’t turn into an Eataly where it is so crowded and filled with tourists. I avoid that place like the plague.

    I need to visit Berg’n! It’s right in my neck of the woods so I have no excuse not to go.

  3. Ms. M- Austin and Portland have been very high on my list of American cities to visit. I’d also like to go back to L.A. at some point. I haven’t made it to Shanghai so I don’t know if there are food trucks there.

  4. We took two “food truck” trips (Austin and LA). It was a lot of fun! I’d like to go back to Portland and check out their food truck scene. We were focused on doing other things and I don’t think the food truck wave was what it is now.

    Do you know of any good food trucks in Shanghai?

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