Man Steals Pizza Hut Delivery Vehicle, Drives to Airport

pizza hut delivery
image: wikimedia commons

If you need to go to the airport, some good options are driving there or taking a cab, car service or Uber.

One young man had a better idea. He decided to steal a Pizza Hut delivery vehicle and drive himself to the airport!

21 year-old  Colin McElwain, a tourist from Vermont visiting Jackson Hole got into an argument with some friends during his trip. He had supposedly been drinking and decided it was time to leave town.

Rather than call a cab, he decided to get into a Pizza Hut delivery vehicle left running outside his hotel.

McElwain’s friends filed a missing person report. The police had already received a report of the vehicle being stolen and put the two incidents together. At that point, McElwain had already boarded his flight to Chicago.

Police in Chicago were waiting for him at the airport in Chicago but got the gates mixed up and missed McElwain’s arrival.

According to Eater, since the crime is a misdemeanor, he probably won’t even end up being charged for the crime.

It sounds like McElwain just came up with the cheapest way to get the airport. Steal a Pizza Hut Delivery vehicle without any consequences or payment…

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