21 Must-Eat & Best Burgers In America

Best Burgers in America
image: Eater

I’ve written quite a few times in the past about my love for burgers.

While my favorite food would still probably be pizza, burgers have definitely caught up and come in just behind as my other favorite.

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Since I’m always in search of great burgers (I recently tried a new one at Brooklyn’s Reynard which was really good), I was happy to come across a very interesting article from Eater.

Eater’s article, The 21 Essential Hamburgers of America features burgers in three categories:

  1. The Classics
  2. New Classics
  3. Ultimate Bistro Burgers

The article and burger choice were put together by “Eater’s in-house burger experts: restaurant editor Bill Addison and Eater NY senior editor/host of Eater’s upcoming The Meat Show Nick Solares, both avowed burger fans representing the different ends of the classic-to-bistro spectrum“.

When it comes to finding out about burgers around the US, I usually turn to George Motz, author, TV host and definitely a true burger expert. I’ve mentioned him in a few posts in the past-(NashvilleNew Orleans, Milwaukee & Dallas).  He has an app called Burger GPS which is really useful but is definitely in need of an update.

I was really looking forward to seeing which burgers made Eater’s list. I was also curious to  see how many places I’ve been to.

Here are Eater’s 21 Essential Hamburgers of America:

The Classics:

  • In-N-Out: Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, Utah
  • Workingman’s Friend: Indianapolis, IN
  • Santa Fe Bite: Santa Fe, NM
  • Pie ‘n Burger: Pasadena, CA
  • Matt’s Bar: Minneapolis, MN
  • All-American Driver-In: Massapequa, NY
  • Town Topic: Kansas City, MO

New Classics:

  • Au Cheval: Chicago, IL
  • Craigie on Main: Cambridge, MA
  • The General Muir: Atlanta, GA
  • The Spotted Pig: New York, NY
  • Husk: Charleston, SC
  • Minetta Tavern: New York, NY
  • Shake Shack: various locations

Ultimate Bistro Burgers:

  • Le Pigeon: Portland, OR
  • Nopa: San Francisco, CA
  • Ray’s Hell Burger: Arlington, VA
  • Salt & Time: Austin, TX
  • The Grape: Dallas, TX
  • The Cypress Room: Miami, FL
  • Bernie’s Burger Bus: Bellaire, TX

After taking a look at Eater’s list, I was happy to see that I’ve tried 6 of their 21 essential burgers- almost one-third of their list!

There were also a bunch of others that I’ve heard of and plan to try out when the opportunity comes up in the future. The first one that I’ll most likely get to try is located maybe an hour from home in Massapequa, NY- the All-American Drive-In.

Are you a fan of the hamburger? If so, which places would you recommend that we give a try?

Find out about each of Eater’s 21 Essential Burgers here.

6 thoughts on “21 Must-Eat & Best Burgers In America

  1. Brian Cohen- You lived in Canarsie, I live in Sheepshead Bay. Tack on 15 minutes for that alone. Then add in traffic on the Belt Parkway as a given on weekends and we’re at an hour if not more to get from where we live to the All-American Drive-In.

    John- In N Out is awesome but I have to say, when I went in Vegas back in September it was definitely disappointing.

  2. Massapequa is an hour away from the borough in which you live? Since when?!?

    It was a half-hour or so from me when I lived in Brooklyn; so they must have either moved it further out from Nassau County into Suffolk County; or traffic — unbelievable as this may sound — got worse…

  3. I’m a fan of the burgers at Scene the Sports bar at Hollywood casino Toledo. I get the classic with guardinerii. Yum Yum.

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