Woman Suing Tortas Frontera ORD for Margarita Injury

Tortas Frontera

Tortas Frontera by Rick Bayless (at O’Hare Airport in Chicago) is consistently rated as one of the top airport restaurants. Check out an article about US airports ranked by food.

While many know that Tortas Frontera serves delicious food, can it be dangerous to dine there? Probably not likely.

One woman is suing, due to an injury she claims to have received at one of the restaurant’s airport locations.

According to Eater Chicago, “A woman is suing one of the restaurants’ O’Hare locations, claiming a broken margarita glass caused her harm“. The article doesn’t mention which location the accident took place at. (There are three Tortas Fronteras at ORD.)

The woman is saying it was a workers fault and is suing Tortas Frontera for $50,000!

The lawsuit was filed on January 7, 2016 but the incident took place quite a few months back, on June 2.

Next time you find yourself dining at Tortas Frontera make sure to be careful when in close proximity to a margarita glass.

Find out more from Eater Chicago here.

8 thoughts on “Woman Suing Tortas Frontera ORD for Margarita Injury

  1. Dave & Robert F- I did read into it a bit more and you are both right. I only recalled all of the jokes being made about a woman suing for being burned by hot coffee. On the surface this sounds like a bogus lawsuit. But according to the info you both provided and what I read online, it does seem that this was a totally legitimate case with McD’s being at fault.

  2. Stella Liebeck deserved every cent of the estimated ~$200,000 that she wound up getting after the judge rejected the jury verdict and McDonald’s appealed, leading to a confidential settlement. McDonald’s admitted that their coffee was served 10 degrees hotter than almost any other coffee vendor because McDonald’s made more profit despite paying burn victims annually for their injuries (after requiring them to jump through hoops and file lawsuits). Mrs. Liebeck was hospitalized for eleven days and McDonald’s plastic lids were inferior to those used by competitors.

    We lack the facts required to make a judgment here. The $50K claim is merely a strategic claim to get the case into Cook County’s Law Division.

  3. @ pMichael, @Nick…yes, send her somewhere but not Africa (one of my fave destinations). How ’bout a place where she will really learn about hardship? I’m thinking–North Korea?

  4. Nick- I compared it to suing McDonald’s for being burned by hot coffee! The details weren’t clear as to what happened at Tortas Frontera but it didn’t seem like she was served her drink in a broken glass. My guess, prob like yours is that she broke it and got cut. BTW- We happen to love Africa…

    1. You might want to do some research on the McDonalds thing. It’s more nuanced than you might think. Check the Wikipedia article or watch the documentary “Hot Coffee”.

  5. In my opinion people who sue for things that happen like this in real life and could happen anywhere are basically scum and need to be treated as such. Or maybe just sent to Africa

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