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We Tried The New Detroit-Style Pizza At Pizza Hut!

Pizza HutSince we’ve been spending a lot more time at home during the pandemic, I picked up a new hobby.

The Michael W Travels family really loves pizza so I decided it was time to learn to try to make pizza at home! Making pizza at home is no easy task and there are a lot of skills involved. It’s been a fun and tasty journey and I’m pretty happy with how it’s progressed.

Besides making primarily NY style pies, I’ve also starting working on making Detroit Style pizza! Detroit- style pizza is made in a pan and has delicious, caramelized crispy cheese around the edge. If you haven’t tried this style, I suggest you try to find a place that offers it! Continue reading We Tried The New Detroit-Style Pizza At Pizza Hut!

To Protect And Serve…Pizza

two police officers holding a pizza box

I came across a great story which has to do with my favorite food, pizza.

The police might be going through an all-time low in popularity around the U.S. due to a couple of recent incidents which led to fatalities.

However, the police do stick their necks out on the line, day in and day out for us. When I think of the police, the motto- To Protect and Serve usually comes to mind. Continue reading To Protect And Serve…Pizza