Visiting The Abandoned Douglas C-47 Plane At Zeljava Air Base In Croatia!

a man standing on top of an airplaneIn August 2021, we went on a month-long road trip around the Balkans.

During our time in Sarajevo, we checked out the abandoned Olympic Bobsled track. While at the track, we were chatting with some other travelers and one of them shared a tip about a site we had to visit.

On the way to Plitvice Lake, Croatia, we had to stop to see the abandoned Douglas C-47 plane at Zeljava Air Base!

Other Plane Wrecks We’ve Visited:

After crossing the border from Bosnia and Herzegovina into Croatia, a short drive brought us to an amazing site!an airplane with graffiti on itWe pulled into the clearing and there were a couple of other visitors checking out the site. Some people were even inside or on top of the plane!

We looked around at this graffiti’d up attraction, loving what we were seeing. The plane was very exciting for the kids, too!an airplane on the groundI climbed up to the plane and decided to launch my DJI Mini 2 drone. While the lighting wasn’t great, I was still pretty happy with this photo I was able to snap.a man taking a selfie in an old plane a collage of a broken airplaneI then walked though the inside of the stripped down plane. a man in a plane with stickers on ita plane with many stickers on itThe kids wanted to go inside the plane with me but it wasn’t really safe for them. Instead they explored the area and had fun pointing out various stickers stuck to the plane.

They got a good laugh when I stuck my head outside the various cockpit windows. a collage of a man standing on top of an airplaneI was hesitant at first to climb up to the roof of the plane but I knew if I didn’t, I’d regret it!

I pulled myself up through a hatch by the cockpit and was sure glad I did. Check out the awesome photos above!

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2 thoughts on “Visiting The Abandoned Douglas C-47 Plane At Zeljava Air Base In Croatia!

  1. The aircraft wreck is fun, but did you miss the chance to explore the underground airbase inside the mountain? 🙂

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