This Spar Supermarket In Split, Croatia Is UNESCO Protected, Kind Of…

Spar While researching things to see and do in Split, Croatia, I came across a bizarre and interesting site that I had to check out.

I came across a UNESCO-Protected Spar Supermarket on Atlas Obscura!

During our first day in the city, it was pretty hot out. Around mid-day, we were in need of some cold beverages so we headed off to find the Spar.a stone doorway with a signThe supermarket is located in the Mala Papaliceva Palaca (The Small Papalic Palace).

The medieval building has UNESCO status due to it being “within the borders of Diocletian’s Palace.”a sign on a wallThroughout Split, signs can be found on many buildings sharing important details. This one was on the Spar.a child walking in a hallwayWe headed inside and were immediately impressed with this historical building, I mean supermarket!a man standing in a grocery storeThere were impressive arches in various places.(Yes, I needed a photo in this bizarre tourist attraction!)a collage of different images of foodUnder a couple of the pillars, a glass floor had a rock floor below.

Besides these amazing architectural features, the store was stocked. When I say stocked, I mean like one of the better supermarkets we came across. There was prepared foods, tasty snacks, somewhat cold drinks and a pretty large wine area which you go to through another arch!

Overall, this Spar Supermarket is well worth a visit while in Split, not just to see a cool UNESCO-protected shop but also to do some shopping!

This unique Spar is located at Subiceva 5 7 in Split, Croatia.

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  1. There’s a great Spar in Venice that was previously a cinema (the Despar Teatro Italia) — you’d love it!

    It’s nice to see repurposed shops like this.

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