Finding Neapolitan Pizza Excellence At Pop’s Place- Ljubljana, Slovenia

Neapolitan PizzaBefore heading off on our trip to the Balkans, I had read that Slovenia had excellent pizza. This was in part due to the country being so close to Italy.

I pinned a few places in the capital Ljubljana for us to consider trying.

While walking around during our first day in search of one of the shops, we came across Pop’s Place, a restaurant which serves Neapolitan Pizza.

The pizza looked and smelled good so we decided to change plans and dine there.

Pop’s Place Pizza is a member of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana so they make their Neapolitan Pizza following a list of criteria.

We ordered a couple of pizzas which came out pretty fast.a pizza on a plateLa Regina is their name for the Margherita. The pie was absolutely delicious thanks in part to the excellent crust and fresh, tasty sauce!a hand holding a tortilla on a plateLook at the undercarriage on that pie!a man sitting at a table with a pizzaOur other selection was the Brooklyn, a pie topped with fennel sausage, soppressata and Fior di latte.a pizza on a plateThis pie was excellent too, just topped with delicious meats, especially that sausage!

If you find yourself in Ljubljana, Slovenia and like Neapolitan Pizza, I highly recommend a visit to Pop’s Place, you won’t be disappointed!

Pop’s Place Pizza is located at Breg 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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One thought on “Finding Neapolitan Pizza Excellence At Pop’s Place- Ljubljana, Slovenia

  1. Slovenia and Croatia both tend to have excellent pizza as a rule. But Pop’s Place is a step above anything else I’ve had in either country.

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