This Area Has Its Own Weather In Ljubljana, Slovenia!

LjubljanaAs we wandered around Ljubljana, Slovenia, we headed past the famed Triple Bridge before coming across a few bizarre signs.

As we got closer, we noticed that the floor in one area was very wet! In a circular spot in the middle of Preseren Square, it was raining! We were tired and (briefly) a bit confused. a yellow sign with black writing on itOne sign stated, “The Area With Ljubljana’s Own Weather”. The other showed a rain cloud and an umbrella.

It was a hot day, so these isolated showers were welcome in the city. Most people walking by stopped to check out this phenomenon, many enjoying a stroll through the rain.a group of people standing in a cityWe went in for a closer look (and to cool off). Where was the rain coming from?a collage of people walking on a sidewalkWe wandered around the area and eventually spotted a discretely placed sprinkler high above as the culprit.  a group of people walking on a wet streetThe kids and I had some fun running through the area in Ljubljana with its own weather before moving on in search for some cold beverages.

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