These Are Doughnuts In Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina!

DoughnutsAfter visiting the Sarajevo Olympic Bobsled and Luge track, we stopped by Sarajevsko Brewery to check out their museum.

The small museum was very informative and we decided to dine next door at their restaurant, Pivnica HS right afterwards.

The menu was filled with lots of tasty sounding items. One appetizer sounded interesting but we figured it belonged in the dessert section. Doughnuts…

We didn’t think much more about the item until the waiter came by and offered a few suggestions. To our surprise, he highly recommended that we order doughnuts, so we did.a plate of food on a tableWhen our order of doughnuts arrived, we were definitely amazed.

A wood board filled with warm, pillowy fried dough along with a generous selection of cheeses, meats and olives. This was definitely not like any doughnuts we’ve had before!

All of this for around 8 Bosnian Marks, around $4.80 US! (It may have been cheaper but I don’t remember!

I’ve had doughnut burgers a couple of times and always order a doughnut at Pies ‘n’ Thighs as an appetizer but these were like none we’ve ever had before.

Find out more about Sarajevsko Brewery here. And, if you every visit Sarajevo, I highly recommend dining at their restaurant!

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