One Of The Most Important Reasons We Love Airbnb

a logo on a red backgroundWhen we first started using Airbnb, the site was very different.

Many rooms were a spare bedroom in a home or something along those lines. Airbnb has become big business with many renters or companies offering many properties for rent. Some Airbnbs can more or less be like small hotels.

We still find Airbnb properties to offer good locations for a fair price while traveling. There’s also another reason we love Airbnbs on longer trips.

Each summer, we usually go away for all of August. However, we’re not packing a month’s worth of clothes. An easy solution to this is doing laundry or paying to have our clothes washed.

One problem is that we don’t want to dedicate a day to doing laundry or having to find a laundromat. Another option would be paying a hotel to do it but I can’t see that being an economical option.

During our current trip, we’ve stayed in a bunch of Airbnbs. We were able to do laundry in two of them. A third one listed a laundry machine as an amenity but it wasn’t in our apartment. When we asked, the owner offered to do a load for us. Score!

Here’s the set up from our most recent stay…a white washing machine in a room a shelf with a container of washing powder and a bowlA small laundry machine and detergent. Talk about an added savings, both time and money!

2 thoughts on “One Of The Most Important Reasons We Love Airbnb

  1. So sweet and I appreciate when we can use laundry while being a guest. I wish more offered this special service and not having to buy detergent.

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