KFC or Chick fil-A in Bosnia and Herzegovina? No It’s CFC!

Chick fil-AWe’re currently a week into a month-long trip around the Balkans. Today, we spent the day exploring incredible city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

While checking out the Mostar Sniper Tower (formerly a bank), I noticed something familiar or so I thought.

I spotted a restaurant named CFC, not to be confused with KFC. As we walked closer, I noticed the last C looked almost exactly like the Chick fil-A logo.

My almost 5 year old Theo was hungry so I figured we’d give CFC (Crispy Fried Chicken) a try.a counter with a red banner and a signWe walked into the take out only shop and still couldn’t get over the logo and its resemblance Chick fil-A. (Ridiculous!) But would the food be as good? This was highly unlikely.a red and white take out containerWe waited around five minutes for our order of 10 chicken nuggets and were impressed with their Chinese food-like packaging. Again, there was that Chick fil-A logo…a close up of foodAs for the nuggets, they were edible and decent enough but much like what you’d get from a bag of frozen nuggets at the supermarket.

I was curious to learn about CFC/ Bosnian Chick fil-A so I checked out their Instagram account. The restaurant claims to be “the first fried chicken virtual restaurant in Herzegovina.”

I don’t know what a virtual restaurant is but I’d assume it’s something like a ghost kitchen.

2 thoughts on “KFC or Chick fil-A in Bosnia and Herzegovina? No It’s CFC!

  1. I haven’t tried it but Bali has some JFC (Java Fried Chicken) locations. The color scheme is pretty similar to Kentucky Fried Chicken but instead of the colonel there’s an Indonesian guy so you could argue that there’s less intellectual property infringement. It still feels a little dubious. In general I tend to avoid knockoffs since you kinda get the Magic 8 Ball on quality.

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