Visiting The Air Force Plane Wreck On Lake Suchitlan, El Salvador

El SalvadorWhile looking into things to do in El Salvador, Kim and I both agreed that Suchitoto was worthy of a full day visit.

The small, walkable town has interesting colonial architecture, brightly painted buildings and cobblestone streets.

During our visit, we decided to take a boat trip on manmade Lake Suchitlan. The lake sounded very interesting when we read there was a plane wreck which could be visited!

After a much longer than expected walk to the lake, we saw the tour we wanted to take.
The plane wreck is located on Isla El Ermitano, an island where a hermit once lived. The 50 minute tour costs $25, while not cheap, it seemed like a reasonable price.
Getting ready to start our trip to Isla El Ermitano.Along the way we saw some birds and fisherman, not much else.Our boat slowed and we saw this memorial floating in the water.

(It turns out that the plane we were going to see was a Salvadoran Air Force plane. The plane crashed into the lake in October 2014. There were four people on board and three died.)Once we got to the island, Lucas and I climbed the ladder to the top. Kim and Theo took a walk around the island and up a path. (Definitely a safer way for 4.5 year old Theo.)At the top, we checked out the wrecked plane, a Piper Turbo Aztec F.The plane didn’t crash on the island, it crashed in the water. From what we understand, the plane was dragged up to it’s final home at the top of Isle El Ermitano when the investigation of the crash ended. We had to take a family photo by the plane and the kids enjoyed a close-up look of what was left of the plane.Before heading off, I took a quick peak inside El Ermitano’s cave.

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